Homeschool Memories: Toronto Trip Continued…


Did you miss Part 1 or Part 2?

Sky Dome Toronto Ontario CanadaThe tour of first post office in Toronto was fascinating. The tour guide there showed us how they folded their paper to make it look like an envelope since envelopes weren’t used back then. It’s a skill that I still use today! For lunch that day we visited the CN tower which overlooks the city and the harbor. It’s a rotating restaurant and in the course of our lunch we did one whole rotation. After lunch we visited the Sky Dome. It’s a baseball field that has a dome over it that can open and close (in case of bad weather for example). Back in the mid-1990’s it would cost $20 to open the dome and take 20 minutes to open completely. To complete our day we visited a nicely restored theatre for a tour.

Bata Shoe MuseumA shoe museum seemed like a funny place to exist, let alone visit, but that was another of our stops on this tour. My favorite shoes in the museum were the ruby red slippers that Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz, but there were also shoes from Elton John and many other interesting looking shoes.

Hamilton Royal Botanical GardensThat ended our tour of Toronto, but we still had several places to visit on the way home! Our first stop was the Royal Botanical Gardens. I don’t remember my visit with much fondness as it was inclement weather when we stopped. Also in those gardens resided the largest mosquitoes I have ever encountered in my life. We attempted to look at some of the prettier gardens, but ended up trying to find some hot soup in the snack shop and heading back to the bus to dry off.

One of my favorite stops of the whole tour was the Dollhouse museum. I collected miniatures at that time and I still adore looking at them! This gallery had many different dollhouses in it with lots of unique features. Some of them were: a set of dominoes, a set of playing cards set up to play solitaire, a miniature train that actually goes around on its own track, a saving machine that actually worked, an x-ray machine that was in working order, and a working elevator. They also had dollhouses that you could play with. Needless to say I was the last one on the bus and all the people clapped for me when I finally made it back on the bus!

Corning Glass Center NY

One of our last visits was the Corning Glass Factory. There were many amazing displays of glass objects including some on loan from the king and queen of Denmark. I learned that engraving glass can sometimes take numerous years.

It was a wonderful trip that I made some great memories on! If you have a chance to visit Toronto I couldn’t recommend it enough. What about you? Do you have any favorite trips or vacations that you remember with fondness?


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