The Princess and her Gluten Free Trial Continued…


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I also had plans to make a gluten-free goldfish (another staple of the Princess diet!), but still haven’t made them. There is only so much time in a day I’ve found. However, I did reach my goal. I provided enough gluten-free treats that the Princess didn’t feel deprived during her trial. We had a bumpy start–it’s almost impossible to avoid gluten entirely, but for the most part we kept it up for two uninterrupted months. I was afraid to stop because things were going so smoothly, but one day when we were out to lunch and because of not thinking things through the Princess got a large serving of regular macaroni and cheese.

The princess enjoying ice cream on vacation after she ate some gluten-free chocolate sandwich cookies!

The princess enjoying ice cream on vacation after she ate some gluten free chocolate sandwich cookies!

Well, the results were conclusive even for my skeptic husband–the Princess NEEDS a gluten-free diet if those around her are going to live a happy and healthy life. I think I gained 20 more white hairs in the next two weeks while I tried to deal with a detoxing preschooler. Here are some tips that I would consider if you are planning on going on a gluten-free trial:

1. Gluten free does not mean going a couple of weeks and then quitting! I’ve heard of doctors are suggesting this short two-week gluten-free trial, but I know from personal experience that it took several months for me to get over my gluten fog. Even the princess took about a month to detox from her one macaroni and cheese bout and even then her immune system is still not up to its regular fighting level. Everyone’s sensitivity is different and so is the time it takes them to get all the gluten out of their system.

2. Gluten free diets are not the kind of diet where you can eat gluten-free 6 days of the week and then have a “free” day where you eat anything you want. Since gluten takes such a long time to get out of your system you will never experience the good health that you would if you eliminated gluten entirely.

3. Gluten is hidden in all sorts of things and it take quite awhile to get a handle on all the products that contain gluten. I’ve seen it in frozen turkeys to hand cream!

4. Processed gluten-free products can be hit or miss taste wise. (Processed in my book means already cooked or partially cooked meals, crackers, cookies, breads, etc.) It’s hard to tell if something is going to taste good or not, but usually homemade stuff tastes much better. Some of my favorite brands are: Annie’s, Udi’s, Kinnikinnick, Amy’s, and Rudi’s. They have decent meals/pizzas and bread.

While going gluten-free isn’t for everyone, it can be a real eye opener regarding your health if you decide to do a trial. There are more gluten-free products on the market then ever before and that should make going on a gluten-free trial a lot easier!

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