Homeschool Memories: Martin Guitar, Weller Health Center, and the Crayola Factory


Martin Guitar, Nazareth, PAI can’t imagine visiting all these place in one day, but that’s what we did! What a busy day! This was another Bob Neff Tour that my mother brought us along on. All of these places are in Pennsylvania fairly close to one another so our driving time was minimal.

First stop, Martin Guitar. I wasn’t ever really into guitars, but it was fascinating to watch them being made. My only observation in my journal about that day was the smells from the different stains and curing that they used. It was quite potent and I had a headache before we left. Everyone that toured the factory got a round wooden circle that they cut out of the front of the guitar. I managed to con my whole family (my mom, my sister, and my brother) out of their small wooden circles. I painted them blue and then stenciled with hearts and covered them with modge podge to make coasters which I still have today!

A coaster I made from the cut out on the front of a guitar from Martin Guitar factory

A coaster I made from the cut out on the front of a guitar from Martin Guitar factory

Next stop was the Weller Health Center. I also didn’t journal much about this stop except that they had a computer display I found fascinating. There were other hands on exhibits that focused on teaching us more about our health. The Weller Health Center is all about supplementing school’s curriculum in order to give kids in the area a comprehensive health education. Since 1999 (after we visited) they have moved and now offer mobile programs to help out the schools who are unable to take the kids on field trips anymore due to cut funding.

Crayola Factory, Erie, PAThe last stop and my favorite was the Crayola Crayon Factory. We probably could have spent the whole day right there! I remember watching the display make yellow crayons and watching a replay of Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood as he visited the Crayola Factory long ago. They had markers to play with, model magic to play with. I remember sitting with my sister and creating something out of model magic and then coloring it with markers. It’s basically a giant play area with all the Crayola items you could imagine. There is something for every age group. I personally found the history of Crayola Crayons fascinating! I had no idea they retired colors and made new ones before my visit.

Also housed in the town was the National Canal Museum. We did visit there also, but I think that was a different day when we came back as a family. It was a not as bright and colorful as the Crayola Factory so if you are planning on visiting both visit the Canal Museum first! I really didn’t know much about canals before visiting the museum. I didn’t realize how important they were for the brief part of history that they were used. There was an interactive canal so you could see just how they worked. Anything involving playing with water is a good thing in my opinion!

If you are in the Lehigh Valley/Easton, Pennsylvania area I definitely recommend visiting some or all of these places. They are excellent educational opportunities, but more importantly for all the kids and the kids at heart they are a fun stop!


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