Weird Food: Apples and Mushrooms


When I first started college I attended the same school as my sister for one year. We did the best we could to have lunch together as often as we could and we frequently packed our lunch to save our poor college pocketbooks! We hung out with a Christian group on campus and sometimes we all met up for lunch in the cafeteria. My sister and I would borrow the microwave to warm up our lunch and the others would get cafeteria food or do something else.

We were quickly labeled as people who ate weird food, particularly one day when we brought a dish of mushrooms and apples we had concocted the night before. We found this just a little bit strange as some of them ate only ketchup mixed with mustard sometimes supplemented with French fries! Here is our “infamous” mushrooms and apples dish!



Apples and Mushrooms

8 oz. mushrooms, sliced
2 large apples, cored, peeled if desired, and cut thinly
1 onion, sliced thinly
2 T coconut sugar
1 T earth balance or coconut oil

Melt the earth balance in the frying pan. Add onions and mushrooms and cook down for a little. Add the apples and cook and until the apples are cooked down. Add the coconut sugar and stir until well mixed. Serve as a side or add some bacon and/or cheese and make it a main dish! Enjoy the “weird” and yummy food!


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  1. Yes, I remember the apples and mushrooms. 🙂 I thought the combination was interesting, but I do remember it perplexed several of our friends.The guys seemed to be more stand-offish about it than the girls. I agree with Sarah, you brought up some good memories. I hope you both have a lovely weekend.


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