Menu Plan Monday November 4!


After a few days of 85 plus degrees F, we finally got another cold front. I even started my first batch of hot cocoa of the season! I am super excited for cooler weather.

The theme for the Gluten Free Menu Swap is cranberries. I haven’t bought any cranberries yet this year, but they are one of my favorite fruits for holiday themes. Last year I went on an all out search for cranberry sauce without corn syrup in it. I finally found it, but it was difficult. Maybe I will consider making my own, but I do love that it comes all smooth in the shape of a can! There is also a quick bread that we always made with cranberries. Maybe I will rework it to make it gluten-free! I think the only thing I will be having with cranberries this week is this smoothie: Clean Eating Chocolate Cranberry Smoothie.

Halloween candy I made for myself!

Halloween candy I made for myself!

I made my own Halloween candy since there is barely anything I feel safe eating. This was certainly delightful! (I subbed almond butter for the peanut butter!)

We decided to go about our menu planning a little differently this week. I have to work mornings again and although I like cooking, but I don’t like getting stuck in the kitchen in the evening (the worst time of day for my energy level!) cooking and cleaning up. So my husband and I came up with a bunch of things that he and I could cook this weekend and doing that have the bulk of the cooking out-of-the-way for the week! So while there will be a slight lack of recipes this week I hope it will inspire you to try some of the same ideas and create your own meals with a bunch of ingredients.

Baked fish, baked sweet/regular potatoes, roasted butternut squash, cooked beans, roasted broccoli, grilled fish/pork chops (we used the new Penzey’s 3001 BBQ spice blend and it was WONDERFUL!), grilled zucchini and onions, and baked beans.
We also purchased some lunchmeat/steak sandwich meat for the meat eaters, and have some ground beef available for meatballs.
I have beans available for beans and rice(in the freezer) or refried beans, some cashew cheese, spinach/lettuce/tomatoes/cucumbers/carrots for salads, soup in the freezer, and several kinds of fish.

We have eggs (both for breakfast and other meals) and waffles for breakfasts and plenty of apples/oranges/pineapple/bananas/pears for breakfasts and snacks.

I normally like having a detailed list of meals so I know exactly what I have to do each day. Usually I do menus a month in advance, but with Halloween last week and the Fall Festival at our church plus a couple of memorial services in October the menus just didn’t get done. This kind of menu plan is a nice break to help me catch my breath while I work outside the house this week. I’m also excited because I’m hoping that it means less food waste–I hate throwing veggies out!

For more menu ideas check out Org Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday! Or for gluten-free menus check out Celiac Family and the Gluten Free Menu Swap!


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  2. Interesting…I just got that can of cranberry sauce you gave me – last Christmas? – and put it in the fridge. I’m roasting a chicken in the crock pot and though it was time for a treat! Thanks for the menus!


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