Sore Throat? No Problem!


Last week when I was sick I had the most terrible sore throat. I have been sick quite a lot in my life and usually I can just deal, but nothing seemed to help this sore throat. Not hot drinks, not cold drinks, not lozenges, not even pain meds! So because I was desperate, here’s what I tried: hot tea with honey and cayenne pepper.

I know it sounds gross and I don’t think I would have tried it if the pain hadn’t been relentless for a couple of days. Surprisingly, it didn’t taste so awful! And the bonus was that the burn completely took away the sore throat pain. After drinking several cups of this over two days my sore throat was gone. So if you find yourself suffering from a seasonal cold and are just miserable give this remedy a try!

Tools for the road to health!

Tools for the road to health!

Sore Throat Alleviator

Favorite herbal tea: I used Black Cherry Berry by Celestial Seasonings because cherry is known for its anti-inflammatory properties
1 teaspoon of honey: I used local raw honey for it’s immune boosting properties
a shake or two of Cheyenne Pepper: excellent for sore throats, colds

Prepare the tea. Stir in honey and cayenne pepper. Sip slowly as it cools leaving the liquid in the back of your throat as long as you can stand it. Repeat as necessary.


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    • Thanks for the spelling tip!
      I will have to get brave and try the apple cider sometime. I have heard that it has lots of health benefits but I worry about the taste.
      I was surprised about how effective the cayenne pepper was!


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