A Few of My Favorite Things


Look around your desk/room/house. Go ahead–I’ll wait until you get back!

You saw lots of stuff right? Maybe more than you would like to admit. I know I have too much stuff. In keeping with my theme this year of less stuff I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things. There’s nothing like appreciating what you have to curb your enthusiasm for attaining more stuff. And let’s not forget about being thankful for what you do have. So, in no particular order here are a few of my favorite things.

My favorite flannel nightgown!

My favorite flannel nightgown!

1. My flannel nightgowns my mom made. They are quite old and will not hold up to close examination. There are holes, worn spots, piling, stains, and all sorts of wear. What has not worn out on them is the love that my mom put into them all those many years ago when she made them for me!

2. A book: “The Hiding Place” by Corrie ten Boom. One of my favorite stories of all time. I learn something new everything I reread it. And this edition given to me for my 13th birthday is just the right size/shape and has a delightful map inside it.

3. A lamp. This lamp is terribly old. In fact if my memory serves me right my great-grandfather reworked it from a gas lamp to be suited for electricity. I did buy a new lamp shade a couple of years ago to match the color scheme in my room, but I love this old lamp.

4. This chair. It’s pretty old too and like most of our furniture someone gave it to us. The reason this chair makes me so happy is that I can sit in it and my feet rest on the floor! Only people with short legs will appreciate the enormity of this accomplishment. I think it’s safe to say it’s the only chair that I can do that in my house.

Coconut whipped cream atop a triple chocolate avocado shake!

Coconut whipped cream atop a triple chocolate avocado shake!

5. Coconut whipped cream. I was so thankful to find such a wonderful substitute for whipped cream. Now I think I like it even better then I used to like regular whipped cream. Such wonderfulness!

How about you? What are some of your favorite things?

About Bethy

I'm a wife and mother who loves cooking and organizing and crafts! I blog about my various food intolerances and how I am always learning new ways to feed my family in spite of them! I am also a Lemongrass Spa consultant! Please contact me if you want more information about an awesome company! Thanks for reading my story!

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  1. Reblogged this on The Curious Introvert and commented:
    Eldest daughter writes about her favorite things. They may not be something that you would call favorite, but the underlying principle can work for everyone. I’d even call this post inspiring. It won’t take long to take a minute to read this post.


    • It is very comfy!

      Yes, the princess loves coconut whipped cream or just cream as she calls it. She likes it on hot cocoa (eats the cream and leaves the cocoa most of the time!) and this week has been enjoying it on “cake” a gf gingerbread cake with pumpkin in it that I’ve been serving her for breakfast with her eggs. She likes to dish her own generous serving out and then lick the spoon.


      • She and my princess would be the best of friends if we lived closer. My princess loves dishing out generous portions of her favorite things by herself too. 🙂


      • Either the best of friends or the best of enemies! It’s always interesting to watch the princess interact with someone who has an equally strong will as hers. 🙂


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