To Homeschool Or Not…That Is the Question!


First Day of Preschool!

First Day of Preschool!

It’s never a good idea to make plans for someone ahead of time. You just never know! During our engagement period, my husband and I conversed about our possible future children and how we would contemplate educating them. We both agreed that homeschooling would be the best choice of all the choices available to us.

So from the time we were married we worked toward this goal. I was working full-time and we saved and did our best to live on one salary so that if/when a child came along I would be able to stay home and home school them!

And then along came the Princess! Before she was born and right after I started on the whole homeschooling thing. I read books to her, sang to her, and did everything I could to start her off on her learning career. It wasn’t hard–she was and still is a little sponge and soaks up everything I say to her. (Unless it’s bedtime…still haven’t figured out that one!) As she got older, we continued with trips to the library and library story time, interactions during grocery shopping, and all the many little details that make up everyday life.

This summer we discovered her gluten intolerance and by default the source of some of her behavior problems! However, she was still a handful and caused me to pull out more hairs then I care to admit! I was really at my wits end on how to deal with her rationally until after much prayer and encouragement from friends that we decided to send her to the faith-based preschool where my husband and I both work with/at.

I was a little nervous leading up to the first day of school, but I didn’t need to be. We got to the door of the classroom and without so much as a hug good-bye off she went to explore her widening world!

We both enjoy her being in school more then I would have thought possible. School gives me a breathing spell to be a little more then just someone who fills up sippy cups and washes clothes. (Mothering is a LOT more then those things, but that seems to be what takes the most time!) She has new friends, learns to listen to other adults, and gets worn out daily!

I haven’t given up the dream of homeschooling and we still do a lot of teaching right at home during the school year. However, the best choice for our Princess and family right now is to have her enrolled in a faith-based school.

What hard choices have you had to make about your children’s schooling?

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I'm a wife and mother who loves cooking and organizing and crafts! I blog about my various food intolerances and how I am always learning new ways to feed my family in spite of them! I am also a Lemongrass Spa consultant! Please contact me if you want more information about an awesome company! Thanks for reading my story!

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