Organizing Embroidery Supplies

What a mess!

What a mess!

Embroidery is a nice relaxing hobby to indulge in on cold winter evenings. I recently pulled mine out after a long break and was horrified to find it in such a tangle! I obviously couldn’t work with it like that so I set about looking for an organizing solution.

First I asked my friend, but since I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for that wasn’t much help. Then I wrangled a quiet afternoon all by myself in one of my favorite craft stores–Hobby Lobby. It’s the largest one around and I spent a couple of happy hours wandering around exploring different options.

Plastic bins, pouches, sleeves in all shapes and different sizes assaulted my eyes as I searched the store. I decided that I wanted something to keep the embroidery floss from getting tangled and I wanted some sort of case to keep it in that I also could carry around. There’s nothing more frustrating then to settle down to do something and find you’ve left part of your project in another area of the house requiring you to face the many distractions to go back and get the required object and most likely never making it back to your project that day!

I had decided on small plastic tabs to wind my embroidery floss around and then I decided on a small plastic bin to keep it in. I wasn’t that happy with the bin, but I figured it was the best I could do in my price range. All of a sudden I discovered a small sized trunk with a handle!

Organizing tools!

Organizing tools!

Absolutely perfect! It’s exactly the right size for all my current colors and if I squeeze it will fit a small pair of scissors plus whatever small project I am working on.

It’s January and everyone is trying to organize SOMETHING, so there are lots of options out there. If something in your daily routine is not working for you, take a look around you. You might even have that unexpected tool right in your house that will make that annoying daily frustration disappear…until the next one comes along!

What about you–is there something you need to organize?

The finished project!

The finished project!


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  1. I need to better organize my yarn and knitting tools. Right now I have all my yarn in one box and two separate plastic bins for my knitting needles and yarn fragments. Oh, a project within itself.


  2. I have all of my crochet hooks in a plastic ziplock bag, and I have embroidery thread in a plastic big that has a lid. I just need a way to keep the floss from playing games when I am not looking.


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