Valentine’s Day Projects for Others


Back in the day I was always wondering when my prince charming would come along with some special gifts just for me on a special day–Valentine’s Day. I bought into all the marketing that Valentine’s Day was just about two people: you and that special someone. I thought a special someone would never appear and Valentine’s day was always a little hard to deal with because of this mindset. Until one year a dear friend taught me that it wasn’t just about romantic love. Friendship was just as important or more important then focusing on just one special someone that might or might not be part of your life at that moment. Since then I’ve made sure that I have taken some time to make something small for the friends in my life to give out on Valentine’s Day. This helps one of the longest and dullest months (January) be a little brighter with some fun and colorful projects.

Here are some of the projects that I’ve made in years past and the one I’m working on for this year. I always make sure that they are simple to do and easy on the budget.

Photo courtesy of Susan P.

Photo courtesy of Susan P.

One year, I made some simple sachet bags out of special valentine’s fabric. I only needed about 1/2 yard to make several different bags and I used potpourri I had leftover from another project. I tied the top with some ribbon. Ta-da!

The Princess helped decorate the Valentine's Day Cookies!

The Princess helped decorate the Valentine’s Day Cookies!

You know those yummy looking fancy sugar cookies with icing that are always holiday themed in the grocery stores? One year I made some of those with the Princess. The Princess helped decorate them with sprinkles and everyone enjoyed eating them! We might make some gluten-free kind this year in addition to my non-cooking project because the Princess still remembers making them and talks about them all the time!

Felt Heart Bookmarks

Felt Heart Bookmarks

Last year I made some heart shaped bookmarks out of felt. They were so simple and I had a delightful time embroidering them while watching TV or listening to books on tape. Felt and embroidery thread are both budget friendly and easy to get!

This year I am working on using up some of my leftover felt from last year. After searching around for some Valentine’s Day Felt projects I came up this cute idea. I’m not sure what I’m going to put in them yet, but they are easy, budget friendly and fun to put together! Now I just need to scrapbook a few cards and I’ll be all ready for Valentine’s Day which features my favorite color: red!

What plans do you have for others for this Valentine’s Day?


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