Menu Plan Monday, March 10th!


The taco salad was delicious from last week! I had forgotten how much I liked mushrooms as a substitute for meat. The salad turned into a wonderful, large pile of veggies!

The theme for the Gluten Free Menu Swap over Celiac Family is potatoes. For some reason my daughter has suddenly refused to eat potatoes. However, the rest of us enjoy them! Yesterday since it was a beautiful day we decided to have a picnic and potato salad naturally made it on the menu. I loved adding celery, chopped pickles (in lieu of pickle relish which has high fructose corn syrup in it!), diced boiled egg, and minced onion. Add a light dressing of miracle whip, mustard, vinegar, sugar, salt, and pepper and my husband and I enjoyed it and will happily be eating the leftovers for lunch. I don’t think we plan on having potatoes any other times this week, but potatoes can easily turn into a baked potato bar for a light dinner or another favorite is roasted!

My Taco salad!

My Taco salad!

I don’t have any huge cooking plans for this week. The freezer is pretty full and I just have some simple meals as we recover from loosing an hour of sleep on Sunday!

Apple Cider doughnuts (subbed apple juice with some nutmeg added), protein bar with strawberries and vanilla almond milk, coffee
Lunch: potato salad, canned fish, green beans, sliced tomato
Dinner: broiled daiya cheese bread (kind of like grilled cheese, only one slice of bread and broiled until the cheese is melted), blackberries, brown rice chips

Rest of the week:
Eggs all kinds and all ways!
waffles: van’s and whatever is left in the freezer!
Pink Power Detox Smoothie (missed this last week!)

Breakfast for dinner: Vegan (and GF modified) Apple Cinnamon Waffles
Some soup from the freezer (again!) either veggie or chili!
Chef Salad: toppings include croutons, boiled eggs, coconut bacon, daiya cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers, peppers, olives, carrots
Seafood Gumbo
Tomato/cucumber sandwich
Pizza, salad
Pink Panther Smoothie (trying to get my daughter to like smoothies AGAIN), popcorn
Pan cooked Fish with sauce DU JOUR, sweet potatoes

For more menu ideas check out Org Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday! Or for gluten-free menus check out Celiac Family and the Gluten Free Menu Swap!


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