The Unexpected Dog



Oh Wu…even though you were never “my” dog, you never left any doubt in my mind that I was one of your people that you loved and took care of. I will never forget your playful spirit, your zest for life, or your little flag tail chasing leaves bigger than you were!
You were the dog that convinced me that there were four legged creatures with personalities that I could not only tolerate, but love. Before you I was sure that dogs were evil creatures sent to torture me.
I will always treasure the time last October when you let me take care of you. You fit right into our family’s routine and were so patient with my rather demanding four-year-old daughter even though you weren’t used to little kids.
I will always appreciate the fact that you potty-trained my dog for me and told him to stop whining. If you hadn’t done that I probably would have torn my hair out in frustration, but you just took it in your stride like it was part of your job.
I love you Wu and I’ll miss you more then I can say. I’m glad you are feeling better and hope to see you again someday!

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When we moved to Florida, we gave our beagle, Eve, to a homeschool family who had a farm. Eve had mad escaping skills, and we never succeeded in finding the magic formula that would keep her in the yard. When she took off, she went straight to the pet supply store across the busy highway where they gave her treats. We decided that when we could afford to keep a dog, we would get another one.

Right off the bat, Lana, one of the women in the church we were attending, invited us to come see her puppies. I declined. I knew that looking at puppies nearly always leads to something. Puppies are engineered to suck you in. Someone who became a good friend, however, took the bait and brought home a small dog they named Ewok. He was cute and engaging, but I wasn’t buying.

Lana was crafty, though…

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