Menu Plan Monday, May 5th!


I can’t believe I missed posting for a couple of weeks? I’d ask where the time went, but I know exactly where it went…after the Princess got better she went back to school and…got sick again! And then when she got better she went back to school and …got head lice (more coming up on that later this week)! And because I never like to be even a tiny bit bored (or sarcastic obviously) I started a new job right in the middle of that. Ga! We never did stop menu planning, although we didn’t always follow one exactly. I did have a plan though and a well stocked pantry so that’s the only way meals got on the table most nights!

The theme for the Gluten Free Menu Swap over at Celiac Family is chocolate! Yummy! Chocolate is one of my favorites and I incorporate it as much as possible into my daily meals. My favorite chocolate is the kind with little sugar so you can really taste the chocolate. That is the most satisfying, without the sugar crash afterwards! This week we will be enjoying Lighter Chocolate Muffins, a Triple Chocolate Milkshake (if I can get my avocado to ripen!), Bittersweet Chocolate Syrup on whatever I can find, Chocolate Chip Larabars for snacks, Chocolate Almond Butter Banana Bread, and some yummy chocolate protein bars that my mom made me for Mother’s Day!



There’s not a whole lot of time during the week now to cook, but I certainly cooked up some baked goods to see us through the week. We also had the four seasons weather this weekend…(fall, winter, spring, and summer all in one weekend!) so during the fall/winter day we cooked some chili to eat and stock the freezer with!

Chocolate Banana Bread, banana
Lunch: Out (I got a day off! Woohoo!)
Dinner: popcorn, some sort of veggie–I was pretty full still from lunch

Rest of the week:
Breakfast Choices:
5 Ingredient Detox Smoothie
Lighter Gluten Free Chocolate Muffins
Chocolate Protein Bars (I think my mom used a recipe from Gluten-free on a Shoe String–one of her print books)
Paleo Chocolate Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast for dinner: Pancakes
Hot dogs and beans
Tomato/Cucumber sandwiches
Chef Salad
Crockpot Sweet Potato Basil soup, Paleo Focaccia bread
Pizza, salad
Triple Chocolate Shake, popcorn
fish topped with potato chips and remoulade sauce, sweet potatoes, veggie


For more menu ideas check out Org Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday! Or for gluten-free menus check out Celiac Family and the Gluten Free Menu Swap!


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  1. I was beginning to wonder as this is my one stop shop for recipes. Yeah!
    You couldn’t have started this week on a better note. I ♥ chocolate and resumed my baking now that I have all the right tools. Avocado and chocolate. Hmm. Will see….. and welcome back! 🙂


    • 🙂 Glad to be back. I almost made it last week, but alas.

      You actually don’t taste the avocado at all. It just adds to the creaminess of the drink.


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