Eating Together: Outdoors!


There are various studies that say that eating together as a family is important. Better manners, more well-adjusted kids, and a sense of belonging are some of the benefits that I’ve read. I do love eating meals with my family, but sometimes just sitting at the table can get boring. So we change it up several times a week and one of our favorite places to eat is outdoors!

Sometimes it is at home, so all we have to do is load up our plates and carry them outside where we already have chairs and other needed things for a spontaneous picnic! Sometimes (at least once a week!) we eat at the park, or we go on vacation and it is easier to pack a lunch then to try to rely on finding food suitable to our various food allergies.

Setting up a bag or a designated spot with all the picnic stuff packed can make this a reality even if you only have time to throw some leftovers or sandwich fixings into your cooler!


Above is a view of our picnic kit. I keep everything we might need together: silverware (purchased from the Dollar Tree!), napkins, plastic plates, plastic bowls, and a cutting board. Add a couple of plastic bags to carry everything in (besides the cooler with the food) and you also have a trash bag and an extra bag to carry the dirty dishes back in! We usually have some bottled water or juice boxes for the drinks. Having reusable plastic ware means that is always there and we are not left hanging because we used up the last paper plates and no one has been to the store yet. (Not that that would happen around here!)

This kit allows me the freedom to decide the morning of to be the spontaneous and fun mom, while being organized and prepared. There is nothing worse sitting down for a picnic and finding you forgot something vital like silverware!

So gather your stuff together and get out and enjoy the weather! Here in Florida it will be too hot or buggy to enjoy a nice picnic before we know it! Do you like to picnic?

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  1. For some reason when my eye fell on “Do you like to picnic?,” I read it as, “Do you like to panic?” Must say something about my stress levels….Anyway, I do love to PICNIC (much more than panic) and appreciate your preparation tips! 🙂


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