Menu Plan Monday, June 9th!


It was a splendidly busy week. The Princess graduated and I managed to keep her sufficiently busy that we didn’t even notice school was out. This week is Vacation Bible School and she’s super excited because she is in a class with her best buddies. In order to make sure she stays gluten-free I am packing her snacks each day. I will list them out with the menu plan!

The theme for the Gluten Free Menu Swap over at Celiac Family is summer grilling. We do love to grill around here. Me because that’s my husband’s job and I only have to worry about sides and my husband because he thinks it is a manly thing to do. We already grilled burgers this week! I had this veggie burger that I pre-cooked so it didn’t come completely apart on the grill. I am also interested in trying to grill some summer squash. We seem to have a TON of it all of a sudden and I’m trying to come up with new ideas of what to do with it. I saw this idea that we might try out.



Vacation Bible School is always crazy and super tiring, so again we’re going with the theme of quick and easy!

eggs and hash browns
Lunch: grilled burgers/veggie burger, corn on the cob, beans, onions and tomatoes
Dinner: Popcorn

Rest of the week:
Breakfast Choices:
Pink Panther Smoothie
Paleo Chocolate Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast for dinner: I’ll be trying to get some breakfast choices in the freezer. So maybe some chocolate muffins and some protein bars with a smoothie
Pasta Salad with tons of veggies
Shrimp stir fry with shrimp/veggie egg rolls
Lunch out
Cumin Lime Bean Salad
Pizza, salad
Random special smoothie (with blueberries), popcorn

Vacation Bible School Snacks:
Fruit and yogurt parfait in an gf ice cream cone
Grapes, cheese, and crackers
Popcorn, Popsicles
apples & graham crackers (I will have to figure something out for that!)
Trail mix (M & M’s, pretzels, cranberries, raisins)

For more menu ideas check out Org Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday! Or for gluten-free menus check out Celiac Family and the Gluten Free Menu Swap!


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