August Is the New January!


What our garden looks like right now...

What our garden looks like right now…

I was sitting in my living room the other day with the fan on full blast, listening to the air conditioner coming on again, and just pondering how hot it was. I came to the conclusion that August in Florida is as bad as January is in a northern state.

By August I am so over summer, plus it is just hot. Hot like the air conditioner keeps coming on even if you have it set on 80 degrees F and it is depressing to think what the electric bill is going to be like. Hot like you walk outside and you almost get knocked back indoors by the wall of heat and humidity. Hot like you don’t feel like doing anything (not even getting up and going somewhere to go swimming) because that would involve driving somewhere in a hot car, parking in the hot sun, and possibly in spite of applying oodles of sunscreen getting some sunburn that will then keep you hot for even longer!

By January up north the newness of winter has worn off. The holidays are over, and it is just cold and snowy. It isn’t always safe to go out, so you end up spending a lot of time at home. And I bet that the central heat runs almost constantly. You’ve probably made snowmen, drunk gallons of hot chocolate, and done all the winter sports you could think of. Now the bleakness of the next couple of months is staring you in the face.

I know that Farmer’s Markets up north are closed in January. Down here they are open all year-long and some people think that’s great. All that’s been available for sale for the past few weeks that is local and in season at our Farmer’s Market is tomatoes and zucchini. I do love both of those vegetables, but they are getting a bit dull. We had about 15 tomato plants going full blast in our garden until August when they all melted and died. Our squash gave it up before it even got going and melted right before our eyes. I’ve been taking a break from the Farmer’s Market this month in hopes that veggies will brave the still hot, but not quite so hot of September.

I’ve considered decorating for fall in hopes that cooler weather would hurry up and arrive, just like my mom used to read seed catalogs in January and plan her garden in hopes that spring would be just around the corner! I think both are equally effective in their end results.

What about you? What’s your favorite (or least favorite) month of the year? Why?


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  1. That’s a very good point. I like spring best, I think. After March (it’s always snowing in March) and before June. But sometimes the weather makes that part of the year dastardly. I also like September and October.


      • I actually have some Christmas decorations still up. It’s some floral stuff up near the ceiling and I don’t ever look up there and I can’t reach either. So I guess I’m just too lazy to use a stool and take them down and try to think of something to put up there. I need to rethink that spot because it is becoming a lot of work.
        I was working on my hurricane supply box and ran across my fall decorations and starting thinking of them longingly.


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