So Five Years Ago…


Dear Princess,

Five years ago this happened…



You were brought into my hospital room all cleaned up and with a Mohawk! You were so tiny and beautiful! And then after the two longest days of my life we got to bring you home:

monkey toes!

monkey toes!

That started one of the most exciting adventures of my life: Parenting!

One of our favorite things to do (then and now!) was take a walk. It started out with you falling asleep as we traversed the neighborhood. Then before I knew it you were awake and taking in the sights. It seemed like no sooner had I gotten used to your little baby noises than you no longer wanted to ride, but wanted to walk/run on your little toddler legs. You pretty much gave me a heart attack every time we left the house. You listened and learned quickly to stay with Mommy when there was a car coming, and to always ask if it was okay to go do some “Wees!” (Running ahead as fast as you could!)

So many walks, and so many memories, right now my favorite part of walking is the part where you put your still small, but growing bigger hand in mine and tell me everything that is on your heart. We have the greatest conversations while we walk around the block. Your hopes and dreams, your favorite parts of the day, and what holidays you are looking forward to coming around again. I plan to continue to keep this special time happening so that you always feel that you can talk to me about anything you want.

As our walk comes to an end you inevitably see our house and want to run off to get home first. After checking for cars I let you go and watch my big girl get smaller and smaller in the distance. It occurs to me as I watch you run with the wind that this is the perfect picture of what parenting really is about. Holding tight to that little hand as long as possible, but letting go and watching you soar whenever you ask. I am proud of the little person you are and the big person you are becoming! It is so exciting (and scary sometimes!) to be a part of your growing up.


Princess sand art 2

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