Things I’m Into This Summer


This summer has been really hot, so my favorite things have been cold drinks!

First up, my water drinking:


I noticed at the beginning of the summer that I just wasn’t drinking enough. After pondering the whys and wherefores for a while I decided it was the plastic in my drinking glasses, the fact that I was suddenly bored with the taste of water, and some plain ordinary laziness.

So, I purchased a glass water bottle which has worked out wonderfully. I love the refreshing taste and I’ve definitely drunk more using it. Usually, a new water bottle works that way for me for a couple of months, but I will get bored using it daily. I’m going on six months with this one and I’m still not bored! A huge plus is that it is easy to clean. All sorts of disgusting things grow in water bottles in Florida if they are not cleaned daily.

Next I purchased a purchased a couple of water infusers. Basically, you cut up some fruit, put it in the plastic ball, and let the fruit flavor transfer to the water. It usually takes 12-24 hours to get the real flavor going and then a day later you should probably change out the fruit. I get the most yummy tasting water that way. I’ve tried all sorts of combos such as strawberry and mint to lemon and strawberry (my favorite) and just plain orange or just plain lime. It is so yummy and water hasn’t been boring at all!

Second up, my coffee drinking:


Some days have just been way too hot for hot coffee. Coffee shop coffees haven’t had much appeal since I can’t have creamers in them so I decided to come up with something I can have. I started making coffee concentrate (twice as much water as coffee–1 cup coffee grounds to 2 cups water–put into a container and steeped overnight on the counter and filtered in the morning) and mixing it with some almond milk and just a dash of either honey or maple syrup. It’s my own coffee shop only much, much cheaper! Plus I get to use some cute glass straws!

So there you have it–two easy ways to keep hydrated during the last few dog days of summer! What about you? Do you have a favorite beverage to keep you cool in the summer?

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