Fall Nesting


It’s a tradition around my house that the beginning of September is the beginning of fall! I know the actual date isn’t until the end of the month and I also know that it is usually still in the mid-90’s (degrees F) temperature wise, but I always hope that decorating for one of my favorite seasons will cool off the weather faster.

This year I was looking to simplify more of my decorations and change some things that I wasn’t thrilled about in our living areas. I actually managed to do this by only spending about $10.00 (and didn’t even need to spend that really) by shopping around my house. I am super excited to see and use my new spaces and thought I would share them with you.

First thing I did was to go to Hobby Lobby. I love looking around that store for inspiration even if I don’t buy anything. I ended up buying a large glass vase, some wooden pumpkins, and some sparkly acorns.

Then I decided to move some furniture around. I wanted a different end table in one spot in my sitting room, so we played musical end tables. One came in from the porch, another moved out to the porch, and another just switched spaces. With a “new” end table in one spot I needed a new lamp! I thought I would have to go shopping, but I actually didn’t!

I got out my fall decorations stashed in my closet and pulled out my string of candy corn lights (a clearance purchase from a few years back). I placed these in the glass vase I purchased and added some variety with the wooden pumpkins and sparkly acorns. It is a delightful new lamp that is absolutely perfect.

The new fall lamp in the background

The new fall lamp in the background

After that all that was left to do was spread the joy of the rest of the fall decorations. Here are some pictures of the rest of the decorations–all reused from what I had purchased from previous years. Happy Fall Everyone!

fall dec 5

fall dec 4

fall dec 2

fall dec 1

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    • yes! I keep waiting for those wonderful words: cold front!

      They just expanded our Hobby Lobby and I think I could probably survive in there for about a week without getting bored.


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