Hubby’s Famous Chili


chiliMy husband makes an excellent chili. It’s not complicated, but it tastes yummy. I think one of my favorite parts about it is that I can put him in charge of dinner and I don’t have to worry about anything except whipping up a pan of cornbread!

6 cans (15 oz) of chili beans
3 cans (15 oz) kidney beans
1 can (15 oz) tomato sauce
1-2 cans (15 oz) of stewed tomatoes
1-2 cans full of water, as needed to make the chili a little saucy
1 lb ground beef if desired
Taco seasoning to taste
Chili powder, salt, pepper, and cumin powder to taste

Open all the cans and put into a crock pot. Add seasonings. Cook on high for a 2-3 hours. Meanwhile cook the beef and season it with taco seasoning. After all the flavors have come together in the crock pot you can remove some chili to make it meat free and then add the meat into the big pot. Cook until heated through and you are ready to eat. Serve with favorite toppings (onions, hot sauce, cheese/cheeze) and cornbread!

Notes: If using name brand chili beans with the larger jars we usually only get 3 cans per recipe.
Chili sauce used to be one of our favorite seasonings until we gave up High Fructose Corn Syrup. I haven’t been able to find a brand of chili sauce that doesn’t include that ingredient.
We tend to make this much if it is for a crowd or just the 3 of us. Leftovers are wonderful frozen and pulled out for lunches!


About Bethy

I'm a wife and mother who loves cooking and organizing and crafts! I blog about my various food intolerances and how I am always learning new ways to feed my family in spite of them! I am also a Lemongrass Spa consultant! Please contact me if you want more information about an awesome company! Thanks for reading my story!

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    • Nope! I don’t think I have made chili sauce actually. Bbq and ketchup yes, but not chili sauce. I think hubby was willing to just use tomato sauce and spices so I just didn’t bother. I am not a fan of agave but if thats what you like it should work.


      • Yeah I stopped the bbq also because of the high fructose corn syrup and thought maybe I could try agave but now that I think about it, not such a great idea. When I add sugar to my homemade tomato sauce it cuts down on the acidity but not sure I wanna try that (sugar or agave) for chili.


      • Sometimes my hubby asks about adding sugar to the chili and sometimes he forgets (and I don’t remind him!) If he asks I try to direct him to coconut sugar–since I’ve hidden his favorite brown sugar he usually goes for that. 😀

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      • Funny that you mention coconut sugar. I am following this lady name freelee the banana girl on YouTube and she is a raw vegan who does fruit smoothies until 4 oclock and then eats a meal. In one of her webisodes she made a smoothie using coconut sugar. I’m curious if that tastes better than turbinado cane sugar and if it’s better. Hmmmm.


      • coconut sugar is supposed to be better for you. It is one of those that doesn’t cause as much of a spike in blood sugar. When I eat it I definately notice that it satifies my craving without needing to eat more and more. As to taste…it’s not really that sweet if you eat it by itself. However, if you cook it is comes out more of a brown sugar taste, just not as sweet.


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