Menu Plan Monday, January 26!


Last week was busy as usual and we managed to eat up all the leftovers except for a bit of soup and some stir fry. I actually cooked almost all the meals for this week on Saturday evening and spent yesterday afternoon doing some baking for the week. Our fridge is pack full of yumminess right now!

The theme for the Gluten Free Menu Swap over at Celiac Family is Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. It’s another tough diet, but a good one for reducing inflammation and healing your gut. Although it’s tough, it’s not meant to be for the rest of your life. Once healing has taken place you can relax on some of the restrictions. As with all Paleo diets I have a hard time because I can only eat very tiny bits of animal products without getting sick.


English Muffins that I baked yesterday! They were as easy and good as they looked!

English Muffins that I baked yesterday! They were as easy and good as they looked!

I will probably doing a post at some point about the pluses and minuses of a meal planning service. Right now we’re taking advantage of the money we paid. One more week and we have to decide if we’re going to continue! Happy Monday!

Bread pudding (Better Homes and Gardens), blackberries
Smoothie and snacks
Italian Broccoli Bowl (Basically, gf noodles with spaghetti sauce and broccoli. I cooked the frozen broccoli in the pot with the noodles for the last 5 minutes of cooking time!)
Blueberry Pancake, grapefruit
Lemon Chicken/Tilapia, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob/broccoli
Veggie sandwich on English Muffin (The Allergy Free Cook Bakes Bread)

Rest of the week:
Breakfast Choices:
Blueberry muffin with fruit
Sweet potato with almond butter spread
Strawberry Parfait

Enchilada Bowl
Veggie Sandwich
Tomato Basil Rigatoni
Jerk Chickpeas
Curried Chickpea Wraps
BBQ Bean Stew
Black Bean and Salsa Soup
Pizza, salad

For more menu ideas check out Org Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday! Or for gluten-free menus check out Celiac Family and the Gluten Free Menu Swap!


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    • They are perfect! They even taste EXACTLY like the real thing (if my taste buds can remember back 3 plus years to the last time I had one!)
      They are interesting–and mostly taste good. Now if the picky eaters will think that they tasty we’ll be good to go!


    • eww! I have never tried the ones from the store, and now I am glad I haven’t! These English Muffins are perfectly able to be fork split–I don’t like to do that because they never end up even, but they are soft enough to do it AND they have no rice in them!!


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