A Clever Way to Clean


When we first moved into our house the appliances all had issues. The fridge was the smallest I had ever encountered, the stove only heated up some spots hot some of the time, and the dishwasher was on its last legs. The fridge was the first thing to get replaced, but second was the stove.

I thought I would like a flat top stove because they looked so shiny in the store. Surely that would be easier to keep clean!

Alas, it wasn’t … and I’ve tried various things to clean it and I just ran out of elbow grease.

Then I saw an idea, and I figured…what do I have to lose?

I sprinkled baking soda on my stove top, got a slightly damp rag and laid it on top of the baking soda for a couple of minutes. I then used some slight scrubbing motions and then wiped up all the baking soda. My stove top looked like this: 10835260_10152676224208450_8295485193730668253_o

Woohoo! No elbow grease involved!


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