Lemongrass Spa: Body Spritz and Aromatherapy, Oh My!


My collection of Body Spritz!

My collection of Body Spritz!

I always loved a good body spritz. Perfume has always bothered me, but body spritz was a entirely different thing. A few years ago I noticed that my body spritz was getting older and smelling like alcohol. I decided to switch to something more natural.

I had a natural spray I was using, but I missed the fruity smell of my previous body spritz. Not only does Lemongrass Spa offer a wide variety of different scents, they have some sparkling kinds (just a light shimmer) and the choice of small or large bottles. I chose several different scents in small bottles so I didn’t get stuck with something I didn’t like that much.

I loved all the scents I chose. I was also surprised to discover that it is a great hair detangler! The Princess was thrilled as she hates having tangles in her hair. Other customers have used it to replace car fresheners, febreze, mineral makeup setter, and silk flower cleaner!

One of the first things I got rid of when I started my natural journey was my Lysol. I knew it wasn’t good for me or my family (I would spray it regularly to make the beds smell fresh when I changed them) and I needed something to replace it stat as the smells that Lysol used to cover up were not pleasant ones. I found a book in the library and it had an easy essential oil disinfectant spray. It had about 4 different essential oils in it including peppermint and lavender plus vodka and distilled water, so it was fairly easy to whip up. I still keep it in my bathroom today!

aromatherapyIn spite of still loving my disinfectant spray I decided to start trying the aromatherapy sprays from Lemongrass Spa. There’s one scent called Balancing Act and some days that exactly describes my life! It is supposed to reduce stress and PMS, alleviate depression and calm an anxious mind, and with continued use reduce water retention and hormonal imbalance. I have only been using it for a short time and after the first spray I felt amazing. The anxious feelings didn’t completely go away, but I felt like I could take a deep breath again. Spraying it in the room reminds me of a warm breeze on a summer afternoon and the complete relaxation and lack of cares that comes with that. I can’t wait to try some of the other aromatherapy options like Purifying Tea Tree, Citrus Refresher, Lavender Relaxation, and Mint Revival!


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