What I’ve Been Up To This Summer, part 1


before body spritz

So, one of the things I’ve been up to is working on my Lemongrass Spa business. My favorite part of that is exploring the different products in my home and figuring out what all I can use them for! I LOVE that they are all natural and even though they might be marketed as one thing, they can be safely used for many different things!

One of our favorites is the Body Spritz. It’s a great alternative to perfume, but the Princess’s favorite use for it is a detangler for her hair! Ever since she was a wee tad, she has HATED getting a shower/bath and getting her hair washed. A lot of that had to do with the fact she has a lot of hair and it easily gets tangled! Enter in the body spritz! A few sprays on her hair and she’s as happy as a clam, plus the tangles comb out smoothly.

after body spritz

I’ll be posting some more of my summer adventures, hopefully soon!

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