5 Things to Do During Crazy Times


crazy time
It’s been pretty crazy around here. Some weeks it feels like: get up, get dressed, go to work, come home, and go to bed so you can get up and do it again!! There’s no time for fancy cooking and of course no time for any cleaning. Here are five things that I keep up in order to be able make sense of the crazies!

1. Throw out the trash. This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. I like to keep trash cans in almost every room so it’s never a huge walk to get stuff in the trash. (I am just as lazy as anyone else!) And I make it a point to make sure the car trash is emptied at least once a week. Organizing clutter is next to impossible, but if you going for impossible give organizing trash a try!

2. Make lists! I’ve talked about my “Brain” before, but it is worth repeating. Without this handy little notebook things would not get done simply because I wouldn’t remember them. I also make sure to use the handy shopping list in the back of the notebook, so I always have it with me.

3. Never leave a room without taking something with you that belongs someplace else. I don’t live in a two-story house, but my bedroom is a far walk from the kitchen/laundry. So, whenever I’m headed from one extreme to the other I stop for a moment to glance around and see–is there anything that I need to put in my bag for the day? Are there any dirty clothes waiting for a lift to the washer? Any dirty dishes? And of course the same thing applies from the kitchen to the bedroom.

4. Take a break! This seems to be dumb when you have too much to do, but it is a sanity saver. Take time to do something you enjoy! Yes, life may seem busy right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a grumpy pants who is always working. Take time for a relaxing bath or foot soak. Read a book or watch a TV show. Stop at your favorite coffee shop. Make something–some music, a craft, or cook something fancy. Don’t worry about being selfish–you are using this time to renew yourself and by doing so you are making life better for those around you.

5. Clean out your bag/purse/pockets when you come home. When I don’t sort through the days stuff I run into issues when I go to leave the next day. There’s trash, or a bill I forgot to pay, or HORRORS I forget my “Brain”! Getting it together in the morning rush seems to take twice as long as it would the night before.

So there you have it–five things to help you sane during your crazy times! What about you? Do you do any of these things? See something new to try? Or is your life completely calm and collected? (Invite me over for a week!!!)

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  1. I need to incorporate #s four and five. My pocketbook is the junkiest(if that is even a word) thing in my apartment and even though I am single, I don’t take me time a lot…truth be told rarely because I still beat myself up for past wasteful spending even though I have repented of my financial sins.


    • aww! I struggle with #4 too! Seems like the last thing I want to do when I get home (especially if I’ve been dealing with the stress of watching my child and answering 1001 questions) is clean out my purse. BUT I notice a huge difference the next morning when I do. And me time doesn’t have to be expensive…sometimes for me it’s just taking time to color, or stopping by the library by myself to browse/read a book! Or even cooking something I’m hungry for. 🙂

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