My Small Gain: Chocolate Pudding!


I have had a rough few weeks! It wasn’t that bad, but it sure seemed like it while going through it!

It all started with eating oatmeal about a month ago–a seemingly innocent occupation, but with disastrous results. I had stomach cramps, bloating particularly in my fingers and toes (I still can’t wear my wedding ring!) and just general miserableness about food in general.

Then this past weekend we got a letter stating my husband’s license and the registration on my car had been suspended. Apparently, when we paid the renewal they checked with our insurance to make sure we were insured. SOMEONE SOMEWHERE made a mistake in typing in my VIN number and that’s what caused the kerfuffle. It all got straitened out, but not for 1.5 days.

During that day we were stuck my daughter accidentally got glutened. What we usually do is give her charcoal mixed with chocolate pudding. I know chocolate pudding isn’t the greatest thing for tummy’s in trouble, but it is the only way to cover up the color of the charcoal and apparently black applesauce is not appetizing.  We didn’t have any chocolate pudding and I couldn’t drive to the store, so I made some! It was super yummy, but my child decided she didn’t like it.

Next day my car blew up! No, really–there was a hole in the radiator and some other issues and there was smoke coming out from under the hood. Lots of unplanned money later we should be back on the road which I’m thankful for (not the money part, but having my car back!) because really it’s one of the worst times of year to be without a ride!

Even though I considered being gloomy about the whole thing (and did indulge myself for a few hours here and there) I did look for the some small gain in the great losses. (Nothing like Laura Ingalls Wilder though!) The car blew up while we were picking up my daughter–the place where we work and there were people who could help distract us while we waited to see if it would cool down enough to drive home. We figured out that it was not going to work just a couple of miles down the road near my sister’s house so we had a place to stay while we waited for a tow! My daughter wouldn’t eat my homemade chocolate pudding, but I have to say it’s been the highlight of my week to enjoy some everyday! And the family/friends that were on hand to give us rides–well we had more then we could use. It was amazing!

So I am thankful–thankful that I’m feeling better, thankful to be almost back on the road, thankful for the ability to be able to pay to get on the road, thankful for family and friends who were helpful with rides, but most of all I think I’m thankful for chocolate pudding!!

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