Something New!


IMG_20160113_202452The best thing about the new year is a new start right? Or maybe it’s just a way to make January seem less gloomy. Around here it seems like it is one of the longest, most dull months after all the glitter, sparkle, and excitement of Christmas and other holidays! For the next few weeks I thought I would share some of the new things I started doing/using/eating in the past few months! I hope you can follow along with me.

First new thing I started doing was the Love with Food subscription box. I have mixed feelings about it, so I’m not sure I’ll keep it up; however, I have discovered some wonderful products the past couple of months.

Here’s why I like it. My daughter loves snacks. I hate grocery shopping. When we get the Love with Food subscription box they’ve put together some snacks that are non-GMO, no HFCS mostly healthy snacks. I also love mail so seeing a box of new surprises show up on my doorstep is a win for me.

Here’s some of my not favorite things. I like snacks too, but I have more food allergies to look out for. This past time there seemed to be extra dairy and extra oats leaving 2 things I could try. Another thing–the snacks are not necessarily things that my daughter would eat. She decided that no way was she going to eat one of the gummies, peppermint pretzels, and some of the cookies that came in the December box. Not a huge deal as I could give some away (as I have plenty of gluten-free friends!), but still I found the price to be a bit high when there were multiple things that we couldn’t use.

Here are some of the things that we got that I loved. I discovered brown rice ramen noodles. Such a quick yummy dinner–I was quite excited to try them. I also discovered they aren’t terribly expensive at the local health food store. I also tried some rosemary and truffle flavored popcorn! It was different, but good. My daughter’s favorite this time were the macaroni and cheese puffs. I don’t regularly grab these sorts of snacks for her, so they were a treat.

What about you–have you tried any new foods lately that you were excited about? Foods that make allergy-free living more easy or that were just a nice treat?


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