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Menu Plan Monday, March 7!



It’s a new month and a new theme–Salads!! I love salads: garden salads, chef salads, jello salads, potato salads, pasta salads, and more! It’s the perfect way to welcome spring!

mac and cheese

Also with the new month I’m working on some new routines. Doing menus every other week seems to be working well for me, so I’ll be posting two week’s worth of menus every other week. And since I still like to write, but life seems to be getting fuller right now I’ll post something other than menus second week. So, this week is a menu week and here’s a picture of what I made for dinner tonight!

mac and cheese

It’s a gluten-free, HIDDEN veggie, dairy free mac and cheese! I loved it and so did the Princess. Now, she wasn’t in the kitchen when I made it, so she doesn’t know it has hidden veggies, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her in this case! See what else we’re eating below:

Chocolate Muffins
Cinnamon Raisin Harvest Muffins
German Apple Pancakes
Cinnamon Roll Smoothie
Cinnamon Rolls
English Muffins


Sticky Chicken, boiled potatoes, veggie
Tacos with Nacho cheeze sauce
Baked potatoes with veggies and cheese and sour cream
Grilled cheeze and Almost Cheater Instant Tomato Soup
Hidden Veggie Mac and Cheeze
Waffles and sausage
Chicken A La King (family recipe) over mashed potatoes
Meatloaf (I’ll see if I can post this soon!) and mashed potatoes
Fish, French fries, veg
Chicken and Broccoli casserole
Smoothie and Popcorn

Healthy dessert: Chocolate Chip Larabars

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