Menu Plan Monday, October 17!


So, I completely planned to write out my menu plan…but I accidentally bought a bag of CHIPS (just potato chips, y’all!) that had gluten in them and the Princess ate them all week for school. Between dealing with the attitude and trying to figure out why in the world my daughter was only eating chips and applesauce…yeah that was about all I could handle really. So, I know that she is still sensitive to gluten (in case anyone was wondering)!

Yesterday's Chicken Ala King

Yesterday’s Chicken Ala King

So, let’s talk about food, shall we? Now that we’re eating more than just chips and applesauce this should be more interesting for you to read. I’ve gone back to doing weekly menu plans again–at least for a while anyway.

pumpkin bread
apple cider donuts
mango banana smoothie

Homemade gluten-free vegan mac & cheese (yes, the Princess requested this and yes she is spoiled–but also she will be helping to make it!) Recipe coming soon!
Bacon/blue cheese/balsamic reduction sauce wedge salad for the hubby
Soup–I’m torn between cheddar chowder (this link is to a similar recipe–the original was from one of my mom’s cookbooks and you could use ham or bacon and pretty much any potato you wanted) or apple carrot ginger soup. We’ll see!

grilled BBQ chicken, potato salad, veggie
Egg salad on English muffins, side salad
One Pot Taco Spaghetti
Baked potatoes with frozen veggies
Fish, roasted acorn squash
I’m still undecided on how I want to roast the acorn squash. I’ve gotten requests for lots of butter and brown sugar. Each half might end up being cooked differently! And I’m still undecided on the sides for the hamburgers–I’m open for suggestions!
If you need more menu ideas check out Organizational Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday! Or specific gluten-free ideas check out Celiac Family!

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  2. Oh, noooo! Sorry to hear about the chips with gluten!! I’ve bought food with gluten in the past, too. I usually catch my error before we eat it. But, on occasion, the celiacs in my family usually notice with the first bite. So frustrating. Hope your daughter’s feeling better soon.

    Your menu looks good. I’ll have to try the Taco Spaghetti. I might try it with spaghetti squash.


    • Yeah, I don’t know how I missed that. I guess I didn’t expect chips to have gluten, although I know they have dairy sometimes, so…my daughter likes things that aren’t good for her! Including lots of sugar–until we can move past that I don’t think she’ll notice when she’s eating something that isn’t right.

      I never thought of spaghetti squash! I have a love/hate relationship with it, but I bet it would be really good in the taco spaghetti. I will have to try that sometime!


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