A different use for face polish…


IMG_0781So my daughter has always been difficult about baths…from the time she was an infant she would scream and carry on like you have never heard before. I always thought that things would get better as she got older, but alas its been years and it has not been the case.

However, we discovered that there are a few things that make things go a bit smoothly. Sometimes bath salts, sometimes bubble bath (I always am looking for natural bubble bath because she reacts to the cheap stuff you get at the dollar store!), but ALWAYS loves to paint the bathroom with shaving cream dyed with food coloring.

A couple of weeks ago my husband was helping prepare the shaving cream and we had just purchased some new food coloring. He had a really hard time getting it open and apparently the blue got all over–all over his hands, all over his face. It looked like he had a bad encounter with a snow cone and the snow cone won!

He tried and tried to get it off his face, but he said nothing would work! I took pity on him at this point and offered him a solution from my stash of Lemongrass Spa products. I thought to offer him some body polish (a sugar scrub that is amazing at exfoliation), but I remembered from my training that body polish is best from the neck down. From the neck up your skin is more delicate and you could small holes in it by using body polish. So I grabbed my charcoal face polish and gave him a little bit to try!

It worked miracles! The jojoba beads gently exfoliated his skin and removed the blue food coloring! Lemongrass Spa to the rescue!



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