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I'm a wife and mother who loves cooking and organizing and crafts! I blog about my various food intolerances and how I am always learning new ways to feed my family in spite of them! I am also a Lemongrass Spa consultant! Please contact me if you want more information about an awesome company! Thanks for reading my story!

Lemon Chicken


This is a family favorite recipe–My mom has made ever since I can remember and quite often. When we were in Portugal and chicken breasts weren’t a thing she would use turkey cutlets instead. This is also my sister’s favorite meal so she often requested it for her birthday. I always remembered it being a big deal to make, but found it surprisingly easy to throw together on a weeknight.


3 chicken breasts

2 eggs

2 T milk (I used almond)

1/4 cup flour (I used a gluten free blend)

1/2 cup butter, divided (I used earth balance)

1-2 lemons. I used 2 because I like the lemon taste, but you could get away with one especially if it was particularly juicy!

Cut the chicken breasts in half. (This helps them cook more evenly!) Pound them as flat as you can with a mallet. This is also a good step to scare the people in the house away from messing with you! (If you have need of such a thing!)

Beat the eggs and milk together. Put the flour and any seasonings (salt and pepper are your friends!) in a different bowl and mix well. Put 1/4 cup butter in a frying pan and melt it.

Dip each piece of chicken in the egg mixture (both sides) and then dip it in the flour mixture. Your hands will get dirty! Then place in the frying pan. Brown the chicken on both sides. This is the part where it was important to get the chicken evenly flat–you might have some issues with it cooking evenly if you didn’t follow the previous directions. (Don’t ask how I know this…) Remove the chicken to a platter or plate.

Squeeze the lemon juice and add water to make a 1/2 cup. IMG_0774

Pour into the fry pan and stir a bit to get the browned bits up. Add the remaining butter and melt and stir to mix. Pour the sauce over the chicken and serve–best served with mashed potatoes!


Menu Plan Monday, June 19!


We loved the lemon chicken recipe! Coming soon to the blog. Doesn’t that picture look delicious? Just imagine some sauce to go with–I hadn’t made the sauce yet when I took this picture. The Strata turned out well too! No one liked it except for me (of course the sauce was a big hit, so I ran out before I ran out of strata) but that was okay because I enjoyed the whole pan by myself.



My daughter helped plan some meals this week and we used cookbooks she got out the library. One thing she wanted to try was eggs cooked in a muffin tin with ham underneath. They turned out super yummy this morning!

We will also have some bread/grain free bread.

And I’m really into strawberry banana smoothies with almond butter right now!



For me–chicken (I picked up a cooked chicken at the store yesterday) with honey mayo mustard sauce and lots of veggies. We have lettuce to use up, tomatoes, peppers from the garden, some cucumber, and broccoli.

For my daughter: she wants mac and cheese with some of the chicken. We have a box of gluten free mac and cheese with chickpea noodles, so we’ll be trying that out!


Sticky Ribs with Baked potatoes and corn on the cob –this is my daughter’s choice from her cookbook and she’ll be helping me make it tonight.

Shrimp Fried rice

Burgers or BBQ chicken from the freezer with salad/potatoes

Eating out


Cookout at a friends (I will probably bring some sort of salad and my own grass fed beef burger)

If time allows I would like to try the following–still haven’t tried this and this week isn’t looking good either. We did go blackberry picking this weekend, so I have some blackberries to use up. I will definitely be trying this cobbler recipe that I found even if I am the only one who eats it. Bring on the coconut whipped cream!

Dark Chocolate Coconut Milk Pudding

Vegan Gluten-Free Blackberry/Blueberry Cobbler apparently blackberries aren’t very good by themselves–I didn’t get to go blueberry picking this year, so I’ll be using some up from the freezer (even though the recipe says to use fresh!)

If you need more menu ideas check out Organizational Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday! Or for specific gluten-free ideas check out Celiac Family and their June 19 Menu plan!

Drink Your Water!



Guys, it is hot out! I mean really hot–in Florida at least. It is never more hot than when you live in Florida and your air conditioning goes out! So it is important to make sure you drink lots of water!

My favorite way to encourage myself to drink more water is to have fruit infused water ready to go! I got this container at Wal-Mart and I got the little fruit holder on amazon and I love to make different combinations. Some of my favorites are: Strawberry and lemon, orange, strawberry and kiwi, and just plain lemon! I also read this article that has quite a few different ideas of different flavors. So much fun to pick and choose!

I also have a personal sized infuser water bottle that I earned from my company. (I can help you earn one too–comment or contact me for more information!) It is nice for the first cold cup of water in the morning! But after that it looses some of the flavor, that’s why I like to have a big pitcher ready to go too.


Here’s to drinking more water and staying hydrated this summer!

How do you encourage yourself to drink more water?

Menu Plan Monday, June 12!


Vacation Bible School was last week and it was a blast! And now I’m tired–the special kind of Vacation Bible School tired! 🙂

My favorites from last week were the Sweet Potato Brownie (it really was amazing!) and the Taco Pie. Well at least two of us enjoyed the taco pie–the hubby wasn’t a fan, but as always around here he had a choice: take it or leave it! He took some, so there you go!

And not my favorite? The crock pot Ravioli. I actually never finished making that because when I put a meal in the crockpot I expect it to be hands off and this one wasn’t–I had to cook the meat before I put it in the crockpot, then cook the noodles and add them and the spinach last minute…yeah doesn’t happen around here! So no thank you 🙂


*Please note: some of these recipes are family favorites and I either make them by taste or am still looking for the recipe. I will update the post if I find the recipe!


Grain Free Bread, eggs

Whole Grain Apple Strata –I will be using up my grain free bread and of course it will be dairy free with almond or cashew milk and dairy free cream cheese.

Chia Seed Pudding–I’m still looking for a good recipe or maybe I will just do this smoothie instead

Maybe some waffles if I have time–it was too hot to do breakfast for dinner one night, so we don’t have any leftovers.


Burrito Bowl–the usual onions, peppers, beans, and rice yummies with probably some guacamole on top

Leftovers including steak on top of some lettuce and other salad goodness.


Stuffed Peppers–I don’t have a recipe, but if I’m not in a rush I’ll take pictures and post it later in the week!

Spaghetti with a salad or cooked spinach–with the leftovers from the Failed Crockpot Ravioli from last week


Lemon breaded chicken with mashed potatoes and snow peas

Shepherds Pie for Father’s Day per request of the hubby

Pizza–There was a sale on Daiya pizzas at the store, so I’m hitting the easy button for a couple of weeks!

Breakfast for dinner

If time allows I would like to try the following:

Dark Chocolate Coconut Milk Pudding

If you need more menu ideas check out Organizational Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday! Or for specific gluten-free ideas check out Celiac Family and their June 12 Menu plan!

A Burned Pot



So I set out to disprove last week that a watched pot never boils…in fact it does and if you don’t watch it closely enough it will boil dry, make whatever you are trying to cook taste funny and quite possibly ruin your pot.

And of course no one will want to do the dishes…Ahem. So, I remembered seeing one of those annoying Facebook videos go through my feed and by some random luck managed to find it again. It said if you boiled lemons in a pot that looked like mine and then let them cool it all you would have to do is rinse away the burned gunk and your pot would be better than new!

So I figured I had nothing to lose…I chopped some lemons and boiled away!SAM_1386

Of course the video was exaggerating a little bit–I mean it is Facebook after all, right? After it boiled, cooled down and I dumped the whole mess and rinsed out the pot the black stuff was still there…but with a little scrubbing it did go away! And look my pot looks much nicer now!


Not perfect, but I can cook with it again. So, I’m not sure if I could have had the same results if I had just soaked and scrubbed, but who knows?

So what do you think? Facebook fail or Facebook win?

Menu Plan Monday, June 5!


I always thought that the new-born days were busy and they were to a point. You were busy feeding, changing diapers and doing naps…but now–life never seems to slow down! We had an extra day off this past week and I have no idea where the whole week went!


I finished off (or actually my amazing husband did!) my grain free bread by making it into French toast. It was amazing! I’m currently making another loaf with modifications.


Grain Free Bread, eggs

Sweet Potato Brownies

Leftover French toast/pancakes as needed


Panera Bread Broccoli Cheddar CopyCat Soup –I never got to make this last week because I realized that I forgot to buy carrots AND I forgot to make broth. This week I remembered the carrots and I’m making broth in the crockpot, so the odds may be in our favor!

Leftovers including steak on top of some lettuce and other salad goodness.


Crustless Taco Pie–sounded yummy and I’m always looking for an easier way to make tacos. I love them, but all the chopping–whew!

Crockpot Ravioli with lentil pasta–I am loving how lentil pasta fills me up and doesn’t make me crave more and more servings. I will use daiya cheeze as a substitute for what the recipe calls for.

BBQ chicken on the grill with corn on the cob and salad

A casserole that seems more of a concept then a recipe. It’s similar to this recipe… I forget where I saw it, but you layer leftover chicken, spaghetti sauce, and cheese and warm it up. Super quick, and high reviews at my house! Perfect for a another crazy week.

Pizza–There was a sale on Daiya pizzas at the store, so I’m hitting the easy button for a couple of weeks!

If time allows I would like to try one or both of the following:

Dairy free fudge pops

Dark Chocolate Coconut Milk Pudding

If you need more menu ideas check out Organizational Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday! Or for specific gluten-free ideas check out Cealic Family and their June 5 Menu plan!

What I’ve Been Up To in May…

May has been cray cray y’all–as usual I feel like I barely escaped with my life. I don’t want to hear about anymore classroom parties, end of year parties or anything similar for a couple of months at least! Pool parties are acceptable though since its been in the 90’s already more times than I can count. It’s going to be a hot summer! Here’s where I share some of the things I’ve been up to this month (besides coordinating schedules which took up most of my free time I’m telling ya!):
Reading: A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny I recently discovered this mysteries and while they are murder mysteries they are very well written. Some of the best I remember reading since I read Agatha Christie all those years ago.
Planning: What to do when school is out! I haven’t planned every week out like I usually do, but I have some rough schedules planned. Both the princess and I do better when there is a plan. I’m excited to say that she has already jumped in with reading–she’s read 3 books since school let out and passed comprehension quizzes on them, so that part is going well. We also have movies, Vacation Bible School, getting away for a weekend, more reading, some studies on things the Princess would like to know more about, and some camp days! She wanted to dive into maps, cooking, and magic so we’ll be doing in-depth studies about all of those to complement her focus on reading this summer. Maybe some cursive and journaling too.
Watching: Poldark, second season Guys–I don’t watch much TV, but seriously this series made me want to binge watch during a particularly busy month. Do I need to say more?
Cooking: YELLOW SQUASH. My husband planted a garden again (even though he said he wasn’t going to bother! ha!) and his yellow squash REALLY took off. So, I made lots of it and he made lots of it and we gave some away…and its still growing!
Eating: Yellow squash (because of course) and ice cream because its been so hot. Sometimes that is the best thing to eat in the evening. Don’t worry–I’m not going overboard on the sugar–its more of a smoothie bowl most of the time unless I need to share with the Princess who won’t eat something without sugar.
Drinking: infused water! Did I mention it was hot? Infused water has been amazing and with my new Lemongrass Spa bottle it has made drinking it even more fun and much more portable than my glass bottle!
Pinning: Sarcastic quotes–it’s just where I go when I’m stressed 🙂
Going: Crazy with the May activities! I think I might have mentioned that before! Who has time to travel when that crazy stuff is going on!
Loving: my decluttered house–I’ve decluttered so much and so often that usually all I have to do is put something out in the garage when its lost its usefulness. It’s a good feeling.
Listening: Greenglass House–I thought it might be something the Princess might be interested in, but as I get towards the end of it I’m thinking maybe not.
Celebrating: The end of school!
What have you been up to this month?