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What’s Up With October?



My new planner has a cute page for goals, and what you are currently reading. I kind of had fun with October, so I thought I would share what I’m currently doing:

Reading: “Raising Your Spirited Child” by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka
I haven’t gotten very far, but the beginning seems to describe the Princess in all her glory. I can’t wait to get some tips on how to deal with all of her –because frankly it is exhausting most of the time!

Planning: Spa parties! Lemongrass spa parties of course! All the ones I’ve had so far have been super fun.

Watching: nothing–I’m not interested in most of the things available right now and I just don’t have much time. I’d rather be reading.

Cooking: SOUP–since I’ve started making lunches out of the last five weeks 3 of them have been a soup. See my menu plans for recipes!

Eating: muffins/ quick breads–it has finally gotten a wee bit cooler around here and so I’ve been baking and it makes me happy!

Drinking: coffee with my new dairy-free half and half!

Pinning: pumpkin and snickerdoodle recipes. I just can’t stop!

Crafting: I want to make some fall cards–maybe that will happen before the end of the month!

Loving: pumpkin spice –no pumpkin–just the seasoning!

Dreaming: of moving up in my company–Lemongrass Spa–and making it into leadership

Feeling: excited for even cooler weather–I have yet to unpack my sweaters!

Listening: my favorite podcast: What Should I Read Next by Modern Mrs Darcy

Celebrating: Host A Spa Party Day–it was super fun and I can’t wait until next year’s!

Are you doing any fun things in October?


Favorite Birthday Presents


Hi Everyone! I’ve missed writing in this space and interacting with you all! So, a few things have happened since May–I managed to survive working and finding enough activities for my daughter during the summer. School has been in session for almost a month now! My mom had major surgery and came through it well and I am thankful. We had a hurricane/tropical storm this weekend and never lost power, but got an extra day off school! Others are having issues with flooding in our state so everyone wasn’t so blessed, but it was the first big storm to make landfall in 11 years, so I am thankful!

It is ALMOST fall and I’m so looking forward to cooler temperatures–summer has been quite hot and miserable this year. And last, but not least I had a birthday! I always feel blessed when people remember my birthday and I’ve enjoyed lots of introverted celebrations. Quiet reading in my corner with coffee, a nice breakfast out with my family, some SUPER yummy orange carrot apple ginger soup (that my sister made for me) and a few surprises! Here are three of my favorite presents that I thought you would enjoy hearing about.

coffeeFirst of all –coffee! This summer I’ve discovered that super dark, strong coffee is my favorite. I got a French press, but it was a bit much to try to make coffee in it before getting out the door with school starting. My mom got me this gem–a travel French press coffee cup. You press the coffee right in the cup and its ready to go in no time! Bonus–clean up is SO EASY. And since its red (my favorite color!) that makes it taste even better!

I’ve always had a watch, but I had decided to use my cell phone instead for a few years. When I decided that a watch was a necessity again my old one had stopped working. My husband got my this lovely GREEN Kermit the frog watch. It reminds me of my very first watch which was also a Kermit watch–just not quite so green!kermit

Finally, a coloring/reflection/worship book! I’ve been fascinated by the Bible journaling trend, but haven’t done anything with it probably because lettering isn’t something I’ve taught myself. I LOVE to color though! I can’t wait to start on this book and use it as a stepping stone to deepen my relationship with God. coloring

So, what have you been up to all summer? Did you eat great, play hard, and are you ready to jump into the fall season with gusto?

Last Minute Costume!


So, you procrastinated and you need a last minute, no fuss costume idea and you aren’t feeling creative? I’ve got you covered! Here’s what me and the Princess dressed up as this year. It was quick, easy, and I probably made both of them for close to $12!

candy button costume

I got the idea from this website which has quite detailed directions: Candy Button Costume

We got all the materials from our local craft store including the shirts! The Princess and I decided on glow-in-the-dark neon paint though. We thought it would give everything an extra punch. And of course at the Fall Festival we went to this week, Ellie lost one of her candy buttons. We noticed it right away and I glued it back on in preparation for today!

Happy Halloween! Stay safe and don’t forget to check the candy before consuming! I like to use this comprehensive list to check anything I’m not sure about. Better safe then sorry–we don’t want anyone glutened around here!

Do You Want to Build A Snowman?



It’s been a year since we saw Frozen for the first time, but hardly a week goes by in my house without some mention of the movie. Thankfully, we’ve moved past the stage of having to watch it EVERY DAY. I am so thankful for that.

The Princess delights in doing crafts of all sorts. When I was reorganizing some of our craft stuff I found these huge pom-poms leftover from a previously project. Since we had numerous requests for snow and building snowmen (not going to happen here in Florida unfortunately!) Olaf came immediately to mind. We basically raided our stash of pom-poms, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners to come up with this Florida friendly snowman.

snowman 1

I thought the result might have been a bit on the eclectic side, but the Princess is delighted with it. If you try it I hope you are as delighted with the result. She has Olaf sitting on her desk even weeks after we made him.

What Kind of Job Do You Really Have?


During college my sister and I hung out a lot during the summer at our job in the local (then) community college. It was an awesome job to have because it was on campus, you could and would take off time to go to class and during slow times you could work on homework or mess around on the computer. Little did we know that it was the time in our life that we would have the most free time in spite of working and/or taking summer classes and commuting almost 2 hours everyday.

To amuse ourselves during slow times, during the long drives, or just to take a break from studying/homework we goofed around. One of the notable things we goofed around with were more descriptive titles for our jobs current and what we were getting our degrees in.

For instance, I was studying to be an Administrative Assistant/Office Manager or in more common terms a secretary. I decided that this would mean (definitions taken from the classes that I had just passed) a lot of Paper Shuffling, Button Pushing, and Nodding and Smiling. I was always particularly good at anything that involved pushing buttons. I didn’t particularly like shuffling papers, but every job has to have a downside right?

Now that I’m a mom I would say that being a mom almost defies the description of all the possible things that you might be required to do in a day including some I still think are pretty gross. Sippy Cup Tracking Device, Special Toy Tracking Device, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Laundry Shuffler (because it never really gets done, now does it?), Child Toter (whether in a car or physically picking up), Story Teller, Explainer of Everything Under The Sun, Chief Snuggler, Treat Giver, Good Choice Reminder, and Good Listener, to just name a few.

I’ve had others say that their jobs seem mostly like Babysitting when their actual titles were Teacher and Building Contractor.

So what about you? What creative title would you place on your job?

A Truly Terrible Problem

 Picture courtesy of William Sutherland

I have lived through two blizzards in my lifetime. Both were in Pennsylvania and I thought both were super exciting! The first one was in 1993 and when I heard we were having a blizzard I was convinced that it would be as bad as the blizzards I had read about in the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I was disappointed when my mom told me we wouldn’t have to run a clothesline to our garage/chicken coop so we would be able to feed the chickens during the storm.

It was a lot of snow, it was delightful going out to play in it, and we amused ourselves by keeping tabs on our neighbor’s Christmas lawn ornament which slowly disappeared under the accumulating snow.

After it finished snowing came the fun part: shoveling the snow. I remember helping a little, but the fun part came just as my dad finished shoveling off the front walkway. The snow was already starting to melt a little and a whole pile fell off the tin roof right on top of the spot he had just cleared! We were thankful that he wasn’t hurt!

The second blizzard came just a few years later. That winter there was quite a bit of weather. People don’t usually move during the winter, but we did that year. The weekend we moved was the only weekend we didn’t have some sort of Weather. There was SO much snow it was crazy. I remember watching the evening news with my family (part of our current events curriculum for school!) and seeing the news story that they were having snow removal problems. There was so much snow that they didn’t know what to do with it after they had plowed the roads. One of the ways they decided to get rid of some of the snow was to dump it in the river. It was amusing seeing the huge dump trucks dump their pile of snow over the side of the bridge.

For some reason the phrase Snow Removal Problem tickled my fancy and it soon became a catch phrase around our house. Someone said something goofy? Why, they had snow removal problems! Someone did something off the wall? They also had snow removal problems!

When we moved to Florida I revived my old catch phrase to some ribbing from my family. I thought it even more funny then–if you had snow removal problems in Florida they would have to be pretty large!

So how about you? Anyone you know have some snow removal problems?