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Menu Plan Monday, November 7!


So–after being busy busy busy last week I didn’t cook much. We only got take-out once though, so I was happy about that. I kind of just cooked a few things and we made meals with those things. For instance, I made 4 cups of rice thinking beans and rice, but we ended up doing fried rice and I used the rest to make Dijon broccoli and rice one day and rice with mushrooms and any other veggies I could find another day. I’m ready for some healthy comfort foods this week! How about you?

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!

pumpkin pie–just the recipe on the back of a can with coconut sugar and 1/2 cup of sugar instead of 3/4 cup. (I always use coconut milk instead of the evaporated milk to make it dairy free.) I also used some leftover snickerdoodle cookies for the crust (usually I just make the pie without the crust!)
Toast–almond butter and jelly toast can take you a long way in the morning!

Leftover soup and salad
hot dogs, green beans, and chips for the princess
I’m honestly not sure what my husband is eating!

Dinners: (I am using dairy substitutes for all these soups–my favorite cheeze is the daiya brand)
Potato Soup with biscuits
Breakfast for dinner: probably these pancakes with apple butter
cheddar chowder with muffins
Roasted salmon, potatoes, asparagus
If you need more menu ideas check out Organizational Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday! Or for specific gluten-free ideas check out Celiac Family!

What’s Up With October?



My new planner has a cute page for goals, and what you are currently reading. I kind of had fun with October, so I thought I would share what I’m currently doing:

Reading: “Raising Your Spirited Child” by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka
I haven’t gotten very far, but the beginning seems to describe the Princess in all her glory. I can’t wait to get some tips on how to deal with all of her –because frankly it is exhausting most of the time!

Planning: Spa parties! Lemongrass spa parties of course! All the ones I’ve had so far have been super fun.

Watching: nothing–I’m not interested in most of the things available right now and I just don’t have much time. I’d rather be reading.

Cooking: SOUP–since I’ve started making lunches out of the last five weeks 3 of them have been a soup. See my menu plans for recipes!

Eating: muffins/ quick breads–it has finally gotten a wee bit cooler around here and so I’ve been baking and it makes me happy!

Drinking: coffee with my new dairy-free half and half!

Pinning: pumpkin and snickerdoodle recipes. I just can’t stop!

Crafting: I want to make some fall cards–maybe that will happen before the end of the month!

Loving: pumpkin spice –no pumpkin–just the seasoning!

Dreaming: of moving up in my company–Lemongrass Spa–and making it into leadership

Feeling: excited for even cooler weather–I have yet to unpack my sweaters!

Listening: my favorite podcast: What Should I Read Next by Modern Mrs Darcy

Celebrating: Host A Spa Party Day–it was super fun and I can’t wait until next year’s!

Are you doing any fun things in October?

Menu Plan Monday, October 24!


We have a crazy week with fall festivals and field trips and other random stuff happening, so the menu plan–it is super simple. The goal here is to keep us on track budget wise while using stuff on sale and keeping from picking up take-out! I think this plan will do it!

Last week's breakfast/dinner!

Last week’s breakfast/dinner!

pumpkin coffee cake (I actually ended up liking this cold? Maybe because its still warm in Florida or it could just be because I’m weird!)
apple cider donuts
Triple Berry Green Smoothie

Ham roll-ups with green beans and crackers for the princess
Sausages with sauerkraut and apples/Italian Sausage Potato Spinach Soup for me

Italian Sausage Potato Spinach Soup
Sandwiches –I’m thinking something like ham and guacamole for me
sausages/hot dogs with sauerkraut and apples, french fries
Out to lunch 😀
Chili and cornbread
If you need more menu ideas check out Organizational Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday! Or for specific gluten-free ideas check out Celiac Family!

Menu Plan Monday, October 17!


So, I completely planned to write out my menu plan…but I accidentally bought a bag of CHIPS (just potato chips, y’all!) that had gluten in them and the Princess ate them all week for school. Between dealing with the attitude and trying to figure out why in the world my daughter was only eating chips and applesauce…yeah that was about all I could handle really. So, I know that she is still sensitive to gluten (in case anyone was wondering)!

Yesterday's Chicken Ala King

Yesterday’s Chicken Ala King

So, let’s talk about food, shall we? Now that we’re eating more than just chips and applesauce this should be more interesting for you to read. I’ve gone back to doing weekly menu plans again–at least for a while anyway.

pumpkin bread
apple cider donuts
mango banana smoothie

Homemade gluten-free vegan mac & cheese (yes, the Princess requested this and yes she is spoiled–but also she will be helping to make it!) Recipe coming soon!
Bacon/blue cheese/balsamic reduction sauce wedge salad for the hubby
Soup–I’m torn between cheddar chowder (this link is to a similar recipe–the original was from one of my mom’s cookbooks and you could use ham or bacon and pretty much any potato you wanted) or apple carrot ginger soup. We’ll see!

grilled BBQ chicken, potato salad, veggie
Egg salad on English muffins, side salad
One Pot Taco Spaghetti
Baked potatoes with frozen veggies
Fish, roasted acorn squash
I’m still undecided on how I want to roast the acorn squash. I’ve gotten requests for lots of butter and brown sugar. Each half might end up being cooked differently! And I’m still undecided on the sides for the hamburgers–I’m open for suggestions!
If you need more menu ideas check out Organizational Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday! Or specific gluten-free ideas check out Celiac Family!

I Love Planners, part 2


I talked about My Happy Planner in part one–you can just click to go read that!

So the other planners I’ve used this year have been trying to create my own bullet journal and the Passion Planner. I have also looked into Inkwell Press, although I haven’t purchased one of their planners. I do like their Weekly Kickstart notepadI use that to stick on the fridge and it helps keep everyone in the family on the same page.

I thought the bullet journal would be a no brainer–a planner with exactly everything I wanted in it. Well–it took a lot of time to set up the way I wanted it. And then because of my personality I spent a lot of time trying to do it right instead of just making it work for me. I got lost in the pages and numbering pages and transferring things to the correct pages and updating the contents page–it was just a mess. I only used it for a couple of weeks before I gave it up. Lots of people use it with no issues though and I do use a form of bullet journaling to keep track of the books I’m reading. I love using it as a reading type journal–its amazing for that! So, depending on your personality type, how complicated your life is, and how you use it–it might not be for you. On the plus side it was wonderfully light to carry around with me everywhere, so there is that.

passionPassion Planner was the first planner that introduced goal setting into my everyday life and I will be forever thankful for that. It is excellent in making you think through stuff, set current, future, and way in the future goals and helping you think about how to break it down into manageable steps so you can achieve your goals. I loved having a weekly focus, a place to write down the good things that happened (it is so easy to think of the not-so-good things!) and then having the blank space every week for notes. It automatically assumed that I had a work to-do list and that helped keep track of things there and the inspiring quotes were super fun to read every week. The down sides were the days were broken into times (I basically ignored this as that is something I NEVER use), the fact I couldn’t add in pages, and the size. I got the smaller size so it would be easier to carry around, but then the lines were so TINY it took quite awhile to find a pen that would work in them. You can download a sample from them to try it out before you purchase (which I did and I really liked it until I got my Happy Planner). I purchased the dated planner, but next time I would probably purchase the undated so that the pressure to use it EVERY single week is off–nothing gets wasted that way!passion-2

What do you look for in a planner? Do you even use a paper planner–it’s a MUST for me!

I Love Planners!


I might have mentioned that I love office supplies–it is just in my blood! According to Penelope Loves Lists, it is part of having a Type A personality, so I know I’m in good company with my fellow Penelopes!

Over the past 9 (almost 10!) months I’ve used 3.5 different planners and I really wanted to try another one, but I cut myself off! I know that sounds crazy, but I love paper planners and I do actually use them and they help me keep track of stuff that otherwise would just evaporate. I was going to try to give you a brief of everything in one post, but that got to be a bit long. So, I am starting with my Happy Planner and then I’ll go over the other planners in another post soon!

happy-plannerI got my 18 month Happy Planner in June and started using it in July. It was a bit bigger then I really wanted to carry everywhere, but after I removed six months of pages it got a lot lighter. I am having SO MUCH fun with it–all the stickers/stamps/different colored pens–amazing. One of the pluses is that it has the spiral bound disc system, so it is super easy to add in my own pages or take some out. There’s enough space for me to divide up how I like for my business/work/personal lists and goals for the week. I miss the specific goal setting space from one of my other planners, but I’ve just written it in. Some of the other types have more goals (like the student version), so there are options if you look for them. happy-planner-monthly

Now even though I ADORE my Happy Planner, it does have some gaps in specialty pages. Enter in I Heart Planners! She has planner pages for your planner pages–just kidding, but she does have pages I didn’t even know existed! Even better she has a club–The Sweet Life Planner Club–where you can get access to all her printables for a monthly fee. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it is tempting. I’m happy with what I have access to right now although some of the business pages look really fun. She also has a free organizing class and free 31 printables that you can get just by signing up with your email if you want to try it out before committing. I easily trim the pages I want to use, use a disc bound hole punch and pop the pages in my Happy Planner! Her blog also has a neat post on how to cut down on ink cost–and it honestly works REALLY WELL!

So, that’s what I am using now–I’ll go over the other planners I used this year in the next post. What do you think–do you like the idea of the Happy Planner or are you going to keep looking? What do you look for in a paper planner?

New Favorite Things!


Hi Everyone! It’s been some time since I shared some of my favorite things. Enjoy!

I’m not usually a huge fan of mixes, but sometimes (when its the end of school and you don’t even want to look at six bags of gluten-free flour!!) you cave in. I was super surprised to see this new brand that has an amazing short list of ingredients and actually tastes yummy too! Here’s a picture of the finished chocolate muffin mix:chocolate muffins They are available at several different online stores–and they have crackers also!

Next is ice cream! I have a weak spot for ice cream and while it is fairly simple to make it, I’ve been buying it occasionally because of time. Have you heard of Ben & Jerry’s diary free ice cream? I have to say it is really amazing–one of my favorite flavors ever actually. Unfortunately, the Chunky Monkey flavor is the only one that is gluten-free. Maybe there will be more in the future! dairy free ice cream

I seriously have an issue with pens–when I have a favorite you should really not try to borrow it. I have been known to raise my voice if you try! I’m working on it, but after years of working with the public I know how often pens come back! I didn’t know I needed a new pen, but this one has a super fine point and is amazing for writing in the tiny spaces of my planner.

Speaking of planners, I recently discovered Inkwell Press. I had a credit to use in their store and I wasn’t sure what to think at first. I purchased the Weekly Kick-start notepad and I am in love. It’s made the past few weeks so much easier with the end of school crazies and getting everyone on the same page–literally! The paper is so nice and thick I can write on with sharpies if I want to and not have it bleed through.

And finally–coffee! When I’ve been drinking hot coffee I’ve been using the Starbucks Via Brew. Which are delightful, but a bit of a strain on the budget. I decided to give a French press coffee pot a try. It has been lovely to get the strong dark coffee taste with a fraction of the cost. It is a bit to have to wash it–just so you are forewarned, but I still love the taste that I am willing to add another chore to my list.

What about you? What have been your favorite things for the past month? Do you think you will try any of my favorite things?