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Drink Your Water!



Guys, it is hot out! I mean really hot–in Florida at least. It is never more hot than when you live in Florida and your air conditioning goes out! So it is important to make sure you drink lots of water!

My favorite way to encourage myself to drink more water is to have fruit infused water ready to go! I got this container at Wal-Mart and I got the little fruit holder on amazon and I love to make different combinations. Some of my favorites are: Strawberry and lemon, orange, strawberry and kiwi, and just plain lemon! I also read this article that has quite a few different ideas of different flavors. So much fun to pick and choose!

I also have a personal sized infuser water bottle that I earned from my company. (I can help you earn one too–comment or contact me for more information!) It is nice for the first cold cup of water in the morning! But after that it looses some of the flavor, that’s why I like to have a big pitcher ready to go too.


Here’s to drinking more water and staying hydrated this summer!

How do you encourage yourself to drink more water?

A Burned Pot



So I set out to disprove last week that a watched pot never boils…in fact it does and if you don’t watch it closely enough it will boil dry, make whatever you are trying to cook taste funny and quite possibly ruin your pot.

And of course no one will want to do the dishes…Ahem. So, I remembered seeing one of those annoying Facebook videos go through my feed and by some random luck managed to find it again. It said if you boiled lemons in a pot that looked like mine and then let them cool it all you would have to do is rinse away the burned gunk and your pot would be better than new!

So I figured I had nothing to lose…I chopped some lemons and boiled away!SAM_1386

Of course the video was exaggerating a little bit–I mean it is Facebook after all, right? After it boiled, cooled down and I dumped the whole mess and rinsed out the pot the black stuff was still there…but with a little scrubbing it did go away! And look my pot looks much nicer now!


Not perfect, but I can cook with it again. So, I’m not sure if I could have had the same results if I had just soaked and scrubbed, but who knows?

So what do you think? Facebook fail or Facebook win?

What I’ve Been Up To in May…

May has been cray cray y’all–as usual I feel like I barely escaped with my life. I don’t want to hear about anymore classroom parties, end of year parties or anything similar for a couple of months at least! Pool parties are acceptable though since its been in the 90’s already more times than I can count. It’s going to be a hot summer! Here’s where I share some of the things I’ve been up to this month (besides coordinating schedules which took up most of my free time I’m telling ya!):
Reading: A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny I recently discovered this mysteries and while they are murder mysteries they are very well written. Some of the best I remember reading since I read Agatha Christie all those years ago.
Planning: What to do when school is out! I haven’t planned every week out like I usually do, but I have some rough schedules planned. Both the princess and I do better when there is a plan. I’m excited to say that she has already jumped in with reading–she’s read 3 books since school let out and passed comprehension quizzes on them, so that part is going well. We also have movies, Vacation Bible School, getting away for a weekend, more reading, some studies on things the Princess would like to know more about, and some camp days! She wanted to dive into maps, cooking, and magic so we’ll be doing in-depth studies about all of those to complement her focus on reading this summer. Maybe some cursive and journaling too.
Watching: Poldark, second season Guys–I don’t watch much TV, but seriously this series made me want to binge watch during a particularly busy month. Do I need to say more?
Cooking: YELLOW SQUASH. My husband planted a garden again (even though he said he wasn’t going to bother! ha!) and his yellow squash REALLY took off. So, I made lots of it and he made lots of it and we gave some away…and its still growing!
Eating: Yellow squash (because of course) and ice cream because its been so hot. Sometimes that is the best thing to eat in the evening. Don’t worry–I’m not going overboard on the sugar–its more of a smoothie bowl most of the time unless I need to share with the Princess who won’t eat something without sugar.
Drinking: infused water! Did I mention it was hot? Infused water has been amazing and with my new Lemongrass Spa bottle it has made drinking it even more fun and much more portable than my glass bottle!
Pinning: Sarcastic quotes–it’s just where I go when I’m stressed 🙂
Going: Crazy with the May activities! I think I might have mentioned that before! Who has time to travel when that crazy stuff is going on!
Loving: my decluttered house–I’ve decluttered so much and so often that usually all I have to do is put something out in the garage when its lost its usefulness. It’s a good feeling.
Listening: Greenglass House–I thought it might be something the Princess might be interested in, but as I get towards the end of it I’m thinking maybe not.
Celebrating: The end of school!
What have you been up to this month?

A Tribute to a Friend…


Remembering this special friend today.

The Girl Who Couldn't Eat Anything

rain drops
These past weeks I’ve been extra sad. One of my friends from college passed away recently. We had lost touch since we both graduated, but his name always made me smile and made me remember the experiences we had working together. He was great at making people laugh and being a friend. Here are some of my memories of Chris.

When I first started working with him (we worked in the computer lab/tutoring center together) I was in charge of putting together the schedule for the students. I got Chris’ availability sheet from him and filled out the schedule according to the needs of the computer lab. Chris didn’t like his schedule so he went to our boss’s boss and got it changed to what he wanted.
Even though we got off on the wrong foot after the scheduling conflict it was impossible to stay annoyed with Chris for long…

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What’s Up With October?



My new planner has a cute page for goals, and what you are currently reading. I kind of had fun with October, so I thought I would share what I’m currently doing:

Reading: “Raising Your Spirited Child” by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka
I haven’t gotten very far, but the beginning seems to describe the Princess in all her glory. I can’t wait to get some tips on how to deal with all of her –because frankly it is exhausting most of the time!

Planning: Spa parties! Lemongrass spa parties of course! All the ones I’ve had so far have been super fun.

Watching: nothing–I’m not interested in most of the things available right now and I just don’t have much time. I’d rather be reading.

Cooking: SOUP–since I’ve started making lunches out of the last five weeks 3 of them have been a soup. See my menu plans for recipes!

Eating: muffins/ quick breads–it has finally gotten a wee bit cooler around here and so I’ve been baking and it makes me happy!

Drinking: coffee with my new dairy-free half and half!

Pinning: pumpkin and snickerdoodle recipes. I just can’t stop!

Crafting: I want to make some fall cards–maybe that will happen before the end of the month!

Loving: pumpkin spice –no pumpkin–just the seasoning!

Dreaming: of moving up in my company–Lemongrass Spa–and making it into leadership

Feeling: excited for even cooler weather–I have yet to unpack my sweaters!

Listening: my favorite podcast: What Should I Read Next by Modern Mrs Darcy

Celebrating: Host A Spa Party Day–it was super fun and I can’t wait until next year’s!

Are you doing any fun things in October?

A Special Opportunity!



I haven’t talked about my Lemongrass Spa business recently, but that is not because I haven’t been busy with it! I’m still loving the products and the business. I wanted to stop by and let you know about an amazing opportunity that is only available THROUGH TODAY, Thursday, October 13, 2016!

Do you know how many Fridays until Christmas? There are only 10, including tomorrow! Everywhere I look I see signs of retail stores hiring holiday help. I can understand the attraction–holidays can be expensive and it is always nice to have a little extra money during this season! I worked retail during one holiday season and fun was NOT an adjective I would use. Now I do Lemongrass Spa parties–and those are always so much fun!

Here are some reasons people consider joining Lemongrass Spa:

*Personal growth:

I have grown so much since I took advantage of Lemongrass Spa’s business opportunity. I’ve been able to make decisions for my own business, get over my painful shyness, and talk to people! How would you like to improve your life?


Most jobs do a poor job of this! Since I started Lemongrass Spa every little accomplishment I made got celebrated–often multiple times and always sincerely! I’ve earned free products, a beautiful locket necklace, and a bling t-shirt–all just for doing my job and meeting my goals!


I have loved connecting with new people and making new friends, but it has also been special to connect with people I haven’t been in touch with for years.


We all would like to make some more money right? Lemongrass Spa has made it possible to switch my household to completely natural/safe skincare, soap, shampoo, and makeup! Last year I was able to pay for all my Christmas gifts with my commission. It has also helped pay unexpected bills like my daughter’s dance class. What could you use extra money for?

Lemongrass Spa has a ground floor opportunity for you–more and more people are becoming concerned about what’s in the products they are using. The latest map with the number of consultants in each state shows that none of them have more then 600 and the leadership (directors and above) has even more room for growth!

14522754_10210033431542842_5493523795033226369_nThrough today you can join for just $119–a $20 savings!

You will also get the bonus makeup brush October special with your kit! That is over $400 in products and business supplies! And even though it is your own business you aren’t in it alone–you join lots of other amazing women (and men!) who are more then happy to answer your questions through facebook, amazing training, celebration and encouragement all along your journey! So what about you–what is holding you back? I would love to chat with you and answer your questions!

Happy Fall Everyone!


img_0374As usual, Florida fall is elusive! But today being the first day of fall I wanted to wish everyone a happy fall season! I’m excited for cooler weather (hasn’t happened yet!), apples (still waiting for them to travel down to Florida!), apple cider, and pumpkins! I guess all my favorite fall stuff doesn’t pay attention to a calendar.

Here’s a few things that I’m looking forward to hopefully doing this fall season:

Make apple dumplings!

It’s always a challenge with being gluten free and dairy free, but I try to make it happen at least once while apples are in season.

Carve pumpkins with the family!

I probably won’t carve one myself, but I will do something crafty. I just think pumpkin carving is way to much work for way too little satisfaction!

Wear a sweater

because its cool out, not because I’m freezing in air conditioning!

Open the windows!


some snickerdoodles without melting! (Me personally, not the cookies. You can’t help but get overheated when you are trying to bake and it is 90 degrees F out!)

Thanksgiving–my favorite holiday!

I will have to figure out something different to eat besides turkey since that made me sick last year. Any suggestions?

Go trick or treating!

I already have my “costume” picked out–a t-shirt. It had to be simple this year, but I will be wearing an orange t-shirt that has a Halloween saying on it. I’ll share pictures when the holiday gets closer.

Go on a road trip somewhere.

I think we have some planned including a field trip maybe. It is much nicer traveling in Florida in the fall as you don’t melt when you get back in the car after your outing.

What about you–do you have any plans for fall? Do you live where the leaves change color?