A Special Opportunity!



I haven’t talked about my Lemongrass Spa business recently, but that is not because I haven’t been busy with it! I’m still loving the products and the business. I wanted to stop by and let you know about an amazing opportunity that is only available THROUGH TODAY, Thursday, October 13, 2016!

Do you know how many Fridays until Christmas? There are only 10, including tomorrow! Everywhere I look I see signs of retail stores hiring holiday help. I can understand the attraction–holidays can be expensive and it is always nice to have a little extra money during this season! I worked retail during one holiday season and fun was NOT an adjective I would use. Now I do Lemongrass Spa parties–and those are always so much fun!

Here are some reasons people consider joining Lemongrass Spa:

*Personal growth:

I have grown so much since I took advantage of Lemongrass Spa’s business opportunity. I’ve been able to make decisions for my own business, get over my painful shyness, and talk to people! How would you like to improve your life?


Most jobs do a poor job of this! Since I started Lemongrass Spa every little accomplishment I made got celebrated–often multiple times and always sincerely! I’ve earned free products, a beautiful locket necklace, and a bling t-shirt–all just for doing my job and meeting my goals!


I have loved connecting with new people and making new friends, but it has also been special to connect with people I haven’t been in touch with for years.


We all would like to make some more money right? Lemongrass Spa has made it possible to switch my household to completely natural/safe skincare, soap, shampoo, and makeup! Last year I was able to pay for all my Christmas gifts with my commission. It has also helped pay unexpected bills like my daughter’s dance class. What could you use extra money for?

Lemongrass Spa has a ground floor opportunity for you–more and more people are becoming concerned about what’s in the products they are using. The latest map with the number of consultants in each state shows that none of them have more then 600 and the leadership (directors and above) has even more room for growth!

14522754_10210033431542842_5493523795033226369_nThrough today you can join for just $119–a $20 savings!

You will also get the bonus makeup brush October special with your kit! That is over $400 in products and business supplies! And even though it is your own business you aren’t in it alone–you join lots of other amazing women (and men!) who are more then happy to answer your questions through facebook, amazing training, celebration and encouragement all along your journey! So what about you–what is holding you back? I would love to chat with you and answer your questions!

I Love Planners, part 2


I talked about My Happy Planner in part one–you can just click to go read that!

So the other planners I’ve used this year have been trying to create my own bullet journal and the Passion Planner. I have also looked into Inkwell Press, although I haven’t purchased one of their planners. I do like their Weekly Kickstart notepadI use that to stick on the fridge and it helps keep everyone in the family on the same page.

I thought the bullet journal would be a no brainer–a planner with exactly everything I wanted in it. Well–it took a lot of time to set up the way I wanted it. And then because of my personality I spent a lot of time trying to do it right instead of just making it work for me. I got lost in the pages and numbering pages and transferring things to the correct pages and updating the contents page–it was just a mess. I only used it for a couple of weeks before I gave it up. Lots of people use it with no issues though and I do use a form of bullet journaling to keep track of the books I’m reading. I love using it as a reading type journal–its amazing for that! So, depending on your personality type, how complicated your life is, and how you use it–it might not be for you. On the plus side it was wonderfully light to carry around with me everywhere, so there is that.

passionPassion Planner was the first planner that introduced goal setting into my everyday life and I will be forever thankful for that. It is excellent in making you think through stuff, set current, future, and way in the future goals and helping you think about how to break it down into manageable steps so you can achieve your goals. I loved having a weekly focus, a place to write down the good things that happened (it is so easy to think of the not-so-good things!) and then having the blank space every week for notes. It automatically assumed that I had a work to-do list and that helped keep track of things there and the inspiring quotes were super fun to read every week. The down sides were the days were broken into times (I basically ignored this as that is something I NEVER use), the fact I couldn’t add in pages, and the size. I got the smaller size so it would be easier to carry around, but then the lines were so TINY it took quite awhile to find a pen that would work in them. You can download a sample from them to try it out before you purchase (which I did and I really liked it until I got my Happy Planner). I purchased the dated planner, but next time I would probably purchase the undated so that the pressure to use it EVERY single week is off–nothing gets wasted that way!passion-2

What do you look for in a planner? Do you even use a paper planner–it’s a MUST for me!

I Love Planners!


I might have mentioned that I love office supplies–it is just in my blood! According to Penelope Loves Lists, it is part of having a Type A personality, so I know I’m in good company with my fellow Penelopes!

Over the past 9 (almost 10!) months I’ve used 3.5 different planners and I really wanted to try another one, but I cut myself off! I know that sounds crazy, but I love paper planners and I do actually use them and they help me keep track of stuff that otherwise would just evaporate. I was going to try to give you a brief of everything in one post, but that got to be a bit long. So, I am starting with my Happy Planner and then I’ll go over the other planners in another post soon!

happy-plannerI got my 18 month Happy Planner in June and started using it in July. It was a bit bigger then I really wanted to carry everywhere, but after I removed six months of pages it got a lot lighter. I am having SO MUCH fun with it–all the stickers/stamps/different colored pens–amazing. One of the pluses is that it has the spiral bound disc system, so it is super easy to add in my own pages or take some out. There’s enough space for me to divide up how I like for my business/work/personal lists and goals for the week. I miss the specific goal setting space from one of my other planners, but I’ve just written it in. Some of the other types have more goals (like the student version), so there are options if you look for them. happy-planner-monthly

Now even though I ADORE my Happy Planner, it does have some gaps in specialty pages. Enter in I Heart Planners! She has planner pages for your planner pages–just kidding, but she does have pages I didn’t even know existed! Even better she has a club–The Sweet Life Planner Club–where you can get access to all her printables for a monthly fee. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it is tempting. I’m happy with what I have access to right now although some of the business pages look really fun. She also has a free organizing class and free 31 printables that you can get just by signing up with your email if you want to try it out before committing. I easily trim the pages I want to use, use a disc bound hole punch and pop the pages in my Happy Planner! Her blog also has a neat post on how to cut down on ink cost–and it honestly works REALLY WELL!

So, that’s what I am using now–I’ll go over the other planners I used this year in the next post. What do you think–do you like the idea of the Happy Planner or are you going to keep looking? What do you look for in a paper planner?

Happy Fall Everyone!


img_0374As usual, Florida fall is elusive! But today being the first day of fall I wanted to wish everyone a happy fall season! I’m excited for cooler weather (hasn’t happened yet!), apples (still waiting for them to travel down to Florida!), apple cider, and pumpkins! I guess all my favorite fall stuff doesn’t pay attention to a calendar.

Here’s a few things that I’m looking forward to hopefully doing this fall season:

Make apple dumplings!

It’s always a challenge with being gluten free and dairy free, but I try to make it happen at least once while apples are in season.

Carve pumpkins with the family!

I probably won’t carve one myself, but I will do something crafty. I just think pumpkin carving is way to much work for way too little satisfaction!

Wear a sweater

because its cool out, not because I’m freezing in air conditioning!

Open the windows!


some snickerdoodles without melting! (Me personally, not the cookies. You can’t help but get overheated when you are trying to bake and it is 90 degrees F out!)

Thanksgiving–my favorite holiday!

I will have to figure out something different to eat besides turkey since that made me sick last year. Any suggestions?

Go trick or treating!

I already have my “costume” picked out–a t-shirt. It had to be simple this year, but I will be wearing an orange t-shirt that has a Halloween saying on it. I’ll share pictures when the holiday gets closer.

Go on a road trip somewhere.

I think we have some planned including a field trip maybe. It is much nicer traveling in Florida in the fall as you don’t melt when you get back in the car after your outing.

What about you–do you have any plans for fall? Do you live where the leaves change color?

Favorite Birthday Presents


Hi Everyone! I’ve missed writing in this space and interacting with you all! So, a few things have happened since May–I managed to survive working and finding enough activities for my daughter during the summer. School has been in session for almost a month now! My mom had major surgery and came through it well and I am thankful. We had a hurricane/tropical storm this weekend and never lost power, but got an extra day off school! Others are having issues with flooding in our state so everyone wasn’t so blessed, but it was the first big storm to make landfall in 11 years, so I am thankful!

It is ALMOST fall and I’m so looking forward to cooler temperatures–summer has been quite hot and miserable this year. And last, but not least I had a birthday! I always feel blessed when people remember my birthday and I’ve enjoyed lots of introverted celebrations. Quiet reading in my corner with coffee, a nice breakfast out with my family, some SUPER yummy orange carrot apple ginger soup (that my sister made for me) and a few surprises! Here are three of my favorite presents that I thought you would enjoy hearing about.

coffeeFirst of all –coffee! This summer I’ve discovered that super dark, strong coffee is my favorite. I got a French press, but it was a bit much to try to make coffee in it before getting out the door with school starting. My mom got me this gem–a travel French press coffee cup. You press the coffee right in the cup and its ready to go in no time! Bonus–clean up is SO EASY. And since its red (my favorite color!) that makes it taste even better!

I’ve always had a watch, but I had decided to use my cell phone instead for a few years. When I decided that a watch was a necessity again my old one had stopped working. My husband got my this lovely GREEN Kermit the frog watch. It reminds me of my very first watch which was also a Kermit watch–just not quite so green!kermit

Finally, a coloring/reflection/worship book! I’ve been fascinated by the Bible journaling trend, but haven’t done anything with it probably because lettering isn’t something I’ve taught myself. I LOVE to color though! I can’t wait to start on this book and use it as a stepping stone to deepen my relationship with God. coloring

So, what have you been up to all summer? Did you eat great, play hard, and are you ready to jump into the fall season with gusto?

Menu Planning–The Nitty Gritty


handy-dandy-notebookSo, I got asked how I menu plan. It honestly changes according to the time of year, my mood, and the grocery budget. Here are some of the ways I’ve used more than once!

I have a collection of recipes that sound good/we’ve tried and liked. Some of them are in an app/website called pepperplate.com That’s where I store all my online recipes. You can make shopping lists in there, menus if you want, but what I mostly use it for is storing recipes so I can use them to cook without printing out a whole ton of paper recipes. I also have some Pintrest boards labeled Weeks 1-5 so there are ideas for every time I go to do menu plans. They are shared boards with my sister and we have a lot of fun sharing ideas. I highly recommend sharing with a friend or browsing some blogs for different ideas–not all of them will be at the top of your families list, but it does get boring cooking the same thing over and over.

Here are the tools I use to actually menu plan and make a shopping list:


I work so much better with paper and pen! I got these planning sheets from iheartplanners. I got her full planner with another purchase I made, but she has options for getting several printables for free when you sign up for her email list or her short course on organizing! I also love her full planner–I don’t use everything, but some of her extra sheets have been very helpful.

So, last year I was getting a bit fed up with bits of paper everywhere–menu plans here and there with shopping lists everywhere but where I needed it at the store! I got the idea for a menu plan book from inkwell press. While I would love to own one of their books someday at the time I needed something RIGHT THEN and they were sold out of their menu planners for the year. (Good news–they just released their new ones and they look super exciting if you are looking for something!) So, I took the pages I printed out from iheartplanner and taped them into my moleskin notebook with my colorful washi tape!
Now my menu plan is right next to my shopping list in the same book and I can take it to the grocery store with me! There is even a pocket in the back that I can put some coupons in if I have some. I’ve really enjoyed having everything together and it has helped me with shopping A LOT. I usually reference the meals when I’m shopping in case I left out an ingredient or forgot something I needed for lunches.

So, what do you think? Did you get some new ideas today? Do share your favorite meal planning tips! I always need new ones!

Menu Plan Monday September 12


Peach Coffee Cake

Is everyone ready for a menu plan? We’ve been watching reruns of the “A-Team” lately, so I think it’s totally appropriate to say, “I love it when a plan comes together!”–Hannibal Smith

This will look a little different from before because of the changes I talked about last week! It is also going to be two weeks of menus because that is the way I’m planning right now. It gives me a bit of a break and some time to come up with some fun ideas for the next two weeks.

Cinnamon Crunch bread or banana bread or leftover peach coffee cake from last week
Lime Bars
Weekends: eggs, cereal, fruit, toast

Creamy Carrot soup from a vegetarian cookbook
Burrito Bowl
The Princess decided on bacon sandwiches again and my husband is doing a mix of meatball sandwiches and a salad. I’m not sure what they are doing next week–the training for planning two weeks has not been completed at this time!

Waffles, sausage
Chicken Salad (we grilled a couple of extra chicken breasts on Sunday while we had the grill out and used those for this salad. I’ll post the dressing recipe soon!)
Beef stroganoff, rice, green beans
Peanut butter (or almond) and jelly sandwiches
pizza x 2
fish, whatever fresh veggie from the farmer’s market, potatoes du jour x 2
Chili, cornbread
Rosemary chicken & potatoes in the crockpot
Tuna fish and tomato soup
Clam Chowder, rolls
Steak sandwiches, French fries
Smoothie and Popcorn

Check back later this week for how I menu plan!! 🙂