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New School Year, New Routines


Yes, I said new school year–we’re starting back up in a month, can you believe it? One thing that makes the new school year go smoothly for me and usually for the Princess is having a simple routine in place with clear expectations. That usually means revisiting the chore charts/checklists and redoing them for new year! I just love new lists!

I love the amount of free printables available on pintrest–I really do. However, they don’t always match up with exactly what I had in mind. So I was thrilled to find this tutorial for a daily routine checklist using canva.com. This made it easy to customize colors, items on the list, make extra lists and so on. I meanĀ isn’t thisĀ beautiful?

Morning routine

While I was creating I made a few chore checklists too. It was time and its nice to have in black and color the very minimal expectations I have for cleaning certain rooms in the house. (Everything off the floor is a big one!)

other rooms checklist

I used this downloadable printable for inspiration of what to put on the chore lists. I honestly needed some help–my house may be mostly clutter free (probably because I keep THROWING STUFF OUT!) but it certainly isn’t clean as evidenced by the chunks of dust I picked up from my new craft station I created over the weekend!

So hopefully, over the next month we’ll work out the kinks in these new routines and I will get these laminated for easy checking off! I’m also planning on punching holes and putting them on a ring to hang somewhere when not in use. My previous lists I put in picture frames so there was no need for laminating, but for some reason the picture frames always walked off and could never be found when wanted!

So how about you? When do you reevaluate what’s working and what’s not working in your routines? Do you use the beginning of the school year too? Or is it more of a beginning of the year thing for you?






Organizing: Dresser Drawers


How the Princess' clothes are organized!

How the Princess’ clothes are organized!

Organizing clothes seems to be something I spend quite a bit of time on. I think that’s because I don’t like to have to spend extra time looking for something to wear. Picking out something to wear is not my favorite part of the day. If everything is organized then I can just nab in there, grab an outfit, and move on with my life.

When the princess was smaller she would regularly get out her entire supply of clothing and spread it all over the floor! It was a wonderful game for her, but drove me crazy because I didn’t want to have to organize once a week or more. When it wasn’t organized I couldn’t find outfits for her to wear. So I came up with a plan to allow her to help me organize after she went on one of her sprees. It also laid the groundwork for her to put away her own laundry after it was washed and folded.

We had various sizes of diaper and wipe boxes all over at that point. I would always look for the best deal on diapers and that meant different brands and sizes of boxes. I used them all over to organize all sorts of stuff so I gathered a whole bunch of them and had my husband cut them down so that they would fit in the princess’ dresser drawers. Then I took printer paper and started drawing simple drawings and writing the different clothing categories underneath. I am not an art major, but the drawings were simple enough to get my point across. I probably could have found clip art, but I wanted to keep it super simple just in case it didn’t work and I had to start from scratch!

About 4 boxes fit in each dresser drawer and I was able to divide up the clothing as follows: shirts, swimming suits (summer)/hats (winter), underwear, socks, pants/skirts, pajamas, and an out of season box. The out of season box is necessary in Florida since one day it could be 85 degrees F or more and the same week it could barely make it into the low 50’s! It’s crazy weather.

The princess doesn’t take all her clothes out very often anymore, but when she does she cleans them up and she knows where they go! Next up: putting her own laundry away!

My newly organized shirts!

My newly organized shirts!

I also recently found a pintrest picture that blew my regular clothing organization out of the water! I have always folded and stacked my t-shirts neatly in the drawer. However, this picture showed them standing on end where you could see all the different colors you had. It was amazing and I got my husband to cut down some shoe boxes we had for recycling and ta-da! I have a new organizational system for my drawers that I couldn’t be more pleased with!

How do you organize your drawers? Are you inspired to try something new? Maybe it’s time to purge since the seasons are (hopefully) changing!

Organizing: One of my favorite things


I have always loved organizing. In fact when I went back to reread my journal for some ideas for my Homeschool Memories posts I found more than one entry that said, “I cleaned my room today. My side of the room is neat and tidy. My sister’s is not.” That was usually the case during the times we shared a room.

box of glasses from my cabinet

box of glasses from my cabinet

I learned that not everyone is able to see clutter like I can. Something I am still learning about organizing is that the less you have the easier it is to organize everything. This is really the key to simplifying and organizing my house and life right now. For instance recently I realized that we weren’t using the set of glasses we got as a wedding present. So I got a box and packed all the glasses into it. It’s been months now and I have missed them a minimally. It’s been fun to use mason jars where I would have used glasses before.

Since we moved 4 years ago I have reorganized my kitchen probably 4 times! One when we moved just before my daughter was born, a year later when I realized that nothing was where I was using it, again around a year later when our microwave broke and we decided not to replace it. Some of my reorganizing has been brilliant including my: drink station!

At one point I realized that in order to fix a cup of tea or instant coffee I had to open 2-3 cupboards and walk across the room twice. Here is what I did to organize my tea things make things easier. My drink station definitely makes me smile!

My favorite mugs all in one place!

My favorite mugs all in one place!

My tea bags and my collection of reusable straws!

My tea bags and my collection of reusable straws!

Now my mugs are all in one place, right next to the tea bags. My glass straws are where I can grab them, but my preschooler can’t reach them! This cabinet is across the room from the stove, but it’s the right shaped cabinet for mugs/glasses so it works.

I used things I already had to organize my drinks. The tea bags are in a mental tin from the dollar tree, and the straws are organized in a mug that I didn’t have room for on the shelf, but didn’t want to get rid of. Before I gave up coffee regularly I had a mason jar with coconut palm sugar in there also and instant coffee “sticks” in with the straws.

The key to organizing is to not have more stuff then will fit (I had to weed through my mug collection to get it that tidy and weed through my tea collection!) and to put all the like things together. I hope this inspired you to make your own drink station or to organize that one thing that irritates you everyday!