I Love Planners!


I might have mentioned that I love office supplies–it is just in my blood! According to Penelope Loves Lists, it is part of having a Type A personality, so I know I’m in good company with my fellow Penelopes!

Over the past 9 (almost 10!) months I’ve used 3.5 different planners and I really wanted to try another one, but I cut myself off! I know that sounds crazy, but I love paper planners and I do actually use them and they help me keep track of stuff that otherwise would just evaporate. I was going to try to give you a brief of everything in one post, but that got to be a bit long. So, I am starting with my Happy Planner and then I’ll go over the other planners in another post soon!

happy-plannerI got my 18 month Happy Planner in June and started using it in July. It was a bit bigger then I really wanted to carry everywhere, but after I removed six months of pages it got a lot lighter. I am having SO MUCH fun with it–all the stickers/stamps/different colored pens–amazing. One of the pluses is that it has the spiral bound disc system, so it is super easy to add in my own pages or take some out. There’s enough space for me to divide up how I like for my business/work/personal lists and goals for the week. I miss the specific goal setting space from one of my other planners, but I’ve just written it in. Some of the other types have more goals (like the student version), so there are options if you look for them. happy-planner-monthly

Now even though I ADORE my Happy Planner, it does have some gaps in specialty pages. Enter in I Heart Planners! She has planner pages for your planner pages–just kidding, but she does have pages I didn’t even know existed! Even better she has a club–The Sweet Life Planner Club–where you can get access to all her printables for a monthly fee. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it is tempting. I’m happy with what I have access to right now although some of the business pages look really fun. She also has a free organizing class and free 31 printables that you can get just by signing up with your email if you want to try it out before committing. I easily trim the pages I want to use, use a disc bound hole punch and pop the pages in my Happy Planner! Her blog also has a neat post on how to cut down on ink cost–and it honestly works REALLY WELL!

So, that’s what I am using now–I’ll go over the other planners I used this year in the next post. What do you think–do you like the idea of the Happy Planner or are you going to keep looking? What do you look for in a paper planner?

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