May I Introduce: My Brain


Running a household, taking care of a Princess and a house can get confusing. If I don’t make lists I can easily get overwhelmed and just sit around staring into space forgetting important things I need to get done. So when I saw an idea to use a notebook as a running list I immediately knew that this would be my brain!

My Brain!

My Brain!

I first saw the idea of a list notebook on Organizing Junkie. First I decorated a regular sized notebook and used it regularly for quite some time. However, it got to be really large to carry around or grab on the go and the bigger the Princess got, I needed something smaller. I also realized the bigger the notebook, the more I tried to write down and the more I wrote down the more I tried to do. So after giving up on the idea for a few months, I found a smaller (3.5 by 5.5) notebook that worked much better.

Since it was smaller, I grabbed some post-it tabs to divide up the notebook into sections that I use frequently. I use my little notebook for a To-do list (usually a list of things that I HAVE to get done that day, plus some optional ones), a Shopping list (am I the only one who is always thinking of stuff I need from the store away from my regular shopping list?), and I added a list of things to do on the computer since I always seem to forget why I turned my desktop on once I actually get to sit down.


Sometimes I turn over a new page for a new day, but sometimes I just keep adding on until it’s a new week. Sometimes I get fancy and highlight things when I’m done (especially if it’s a work list so that I can look back and make sure that I’ve done something), but sometimes I just cross it off.

I think my favorite part of this organizing tip is the fact that it’s so portable. It easily slips in my purse, rests next to my bed for those things I need to write down before I can sleep, and even travels to the grocery store to compare prices or write down stuff for next trip.

So what about you? Are you able to remember everything you need to do, or do you need a “helper” like this notebook?

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  1. Actually I was “trained” to make a mental note of everything which came from learning how to shop for groceries. It wasn’t until recently I put my grocery list on my phone (an excuse to use a new app) and with making new life changes, my mind is still in shock mode so if I don’t write it down I will forget. I hope when the positive changes feel permanent, I can just make a mental note of it.

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    • I used to just remember things, but stuff really changed after the Princess came along. All the constant interrupting and I need to write things down right away or else. It’s so bad I’ve noticed that if I answer the phone and don’t write down the person’s name I can tend to forget it.


  2. I just get too distracted to keep it in my head. But I like your brain. I am doing better writing things down except when I feel rebellious. But I’m always sorry afterward.


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